B. smithi - is this normal behaviour?

7 years 3 months ago #10139 by Jake
well It not writen in stone every Ts is diffrent in its shedding class
You mite get a G Rosea that sheds to a mature male in 18 months or get in 3 years and 4 months to a mature male ..same goes for a Female .
Every Ts works diffrent and cant really use its shedding routin to work out if its female or male .Your geussing usly works as there is only two options you can choose from . Male or Female .
I got B Vagans that shed on the 30/03/10 and its only starting to darkin up know .. hes only shed 6 times since I had it(I think it mite be a male) so it comes down to the food the heat the enviroment and
Well your Tarantula

There is so much factors at play its hard to say what is for what..

My Ts are not heated in a room they are heated in winter (some of them that is )
they get feed every 2nd to 3rd week 5 items.water/misted every week
So no special treatment for them..

I have a B smithi Female ( I mite be wrong with the sex but so far Female)

Got her on the 25/06/09
and has shed 8 times


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7 years 3 months ago #10197 by Danny
I have a Nhandu Chromatus (Brazilian Red & White) that molted three times in one month.

It moulted the first time, and some of the exuvium stayed stuck to it's opisthosoma which I couldn't tug off without harming it.

About 5 days later it moulted again, the moult was perfect, but the spider looked almost albino as it was completelty white.

Then at the end of the month it moulted again and looked normal again.

I am pretty sure that's not normal but it obviously needed it or something was "getting under it's skin" so to speak. The interesting thing is that it hardly grew between all these moults.




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7 years 2 months ago #10744 by Doug
ok, so here are some pics I took of the exuvium...not that great but see if you can see if it is male or female...

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7 years 2 months ago #10745 by Doug

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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #11078 by Morné Strydom
Hallo Scorpion

If this is abnormal behavior then both of us have the same problem...

My smaller B. smithi is also a fast grower, and she is a confirmed female (Scarab sexed her for me). She molted every 3 weeks in succession and is currently sitting with a dark bald patch 24 days after her previous molt... She is at this moment about 6cm LS.

Just a bit of history on this specimen of mine:

I bought her last year in May from Petstop in Pretoria as a 1.5cm sling. At first she seemed like a typical smithi... Not that into molting / growing at all - she molted about twice during all that months! But I must say, I kept her at room temperature at that stage. I've placed her on a heating pad to try to stimulate her to eat, and she did! Her abdomen fattened up and in about a week's time, she molted. I was very pleased.

I've kept her on the heating pad and 21 days later I found her on her back! I must say... I fell for the greatest trick in the Tarantula book! I thought she was dead! :silly: Just because I did not expect another molt so quickly! I was very embarrassed when I did some reflection on that thought! Haha!

She molted again 3 weeks after that and has been keeping up since! I also thought that it might be a male, but Scarab confirmed it as a female!

I made the conclusion that heat is very important for the growth-cycle... At first I thought that the heating pad was too warm (about 45 degrees - maintaining an intra-tank temp of about 40 degrees), but then again... Mexico's temperatures is not exactly a walk in the park!

I used the same principle on other slings too, with similar results. ;)

I'm somewhere in the future, and I look much better than I look right now!
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7 years 2 months ago #11444 by Justin
I bought a Brachypelma albopilosum on the 6th September from a pet shop in Pretoria.

The spider was about 3cm, just before I took the spider the guy at the pet shop took out the exuvium and commented on the fact that it had molted.

The spider stopped eating about +/- 20 days ago, thats practically a month and locked itself in it's burrow. Can't see much other then a small opening under the cage. The last look I had the spider seemed wrinkled but like I said I can't see much.

This is my first T so I'm concerned...don't wan the little dude to die.

In the flat I stay in it's kind of cool, was wondering if I should get a heated pad if that will possibly help the situation. Plus the cage is small 10cm x 11cm.

Has anyone ever experienced this before?

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