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Please consider the following guidelines when posting breeding reports in this section.

1.Title - Please title your thread with the Scientific name of the species in question, if you like you can add a common name, but that is entirely up to you.

2. Take a look in the list of already posted reports to see if someone hasn't already posted a report on the particular species. If so, add to that thread, rather than to create a new one. This is merely to give order and structure to this section.

3. The actual report
Provide as much info as possible on the event. Temps, humidity, setup, flooding, feeding etc as applicable.

4.Keep the questions and comments relevant to the Report. Save the congratulations for elsewhere. If someone has bred a species, and is looking for reports and success stories he doesn't want to read through 15 pages of congratulations.

Threads relating to the same species will be merged.


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Please refrain from congratulating in the breeding report section. Please see the guidelines for posting in this section.

It was created to create condensed breeding reports for fellow breeders to share and compare, and question breeding results.

Moderators will remove the posts not conforming to the standard without question.


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The Magnificent Duke wrote: Wasn't this the whole point of having a breeding report section? Anyway apologies if I have posted this before but on another forum I came up with a template for a breeding report that has what I feel (from my limited breeding experience anyway) are the key information points for breeding tarantulas. The other forum uses vBulletin and so we were able to make it so that when a member starts a new thread the template comes up automatically and the user fills it out much like an on line form. By doing it like that all breeding reports have the same information in them and it stops the reports descending into the usual "I've mated my spiders" (with a couple of pics) followed by a lot of "good luck" type replies or "I've got an egg sac" (with a couple of pics) followed by a lot of "congratulations" type posts that tell you bugger all about what they actually did to get a sac. I'm not sure if you can do this on Kunena forums but if you can then this is definitely the way to go.
As already stated breeding tarantulas is very much a trial and error process and what works for one person may well not work for another. That said if everyone does fill out a breeding report for each species that they attempt to breed and it is in the same format then we may be able to see if there are certain factors that can be attributed to a successful sac for particular species or at least show someone another way if their previous attempts have failed.
Anyway here is an example of what i'm talking about -





Date female moulted last

October 2008

Date male matured


Last mating date

10th February 2009

Mating behaviour

The male wandered around the sides of the tank tapping away then sat outside the females hide still tapping. The female then came out of her hide and after a couple of minutes of them tapping each others front legs the male lifted the female up, got a couple of quick inserts and ran off.

Tank conditions and temperatures before mating

The female was kept in a glass custom aquaria tank approx 8.5 x 8.5 x 15" high with a couple of inches of slightly moist peat substrate and a bamboo tube hide. The temperature was kept at around 72 - 74F

Feeding schedule before mating

The female was fed approximately 3 or 4 adult crickets a month.

Tank conditions and temperatures after mating

After mating the tank was kept at around 72 -74F still and the substrate was left to dry out. At the start of May 2009 i soaked the substrate in the tank and raised the temperature to 78F.

Feeding schedule after mating

I continued to feed the female around 3 adult crickets a month.

Date eggsac produced

22nd May 2009

Date eggsac removed/hatched

Sac pulled on 12th June 2009

Development times of nymphs

Eggs developed into eggs with legs on 14th June 2009 then developed into nymph 2 on 3rd July 2009. The nymphs finally developed into slings on the 29th July 2009

Total number of spiderlings

54 slings from 77 eggs

Additional notes




This is the format if you wish to post in the Breeding reports section.


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