How many egg sacs last year?

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5 years 2 weeks ago - 5 years 2 weeks ago #63969 by Curtis
Hi all! I wish everyone a great new year
This thread is more focused towards the breeders of the forum, I want to know just out of curiosity, how many sacs +- have been produced by the members of the forum last year. So theses are my egg sacs I managed to get this year:

Tarantula bred : Egg sac status
2 X P.irminia: both perfect.
1 X P.ornata: Perfect.
1 X P.fasciata: Infertile sac.
1 X S.calceatum: Perfect.
1 X B.klaasi: Female ate the sac on day of the pulling. :igiveup:
1 X B.vagans: Perfect.
1 X A.avicularia: sac was infertile.
1 X T.cupreus: Perfect.
1 X N.chromatus: Perfect


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5 years 2 weeks ago #63987 by Zane Fourie
1x P.cancerides good sac
1x P.irminia good sac
1x S.calceatum good sac
1x H.incei good sac
1x G.rosea infertile
1x C.cyaneopubescens bad sac
3x P.irminia infertile 1 got munched
1x P.cambridgei got munched

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