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4 years 7 months ago #67712 by Patrick Stadler
Here is my entry.

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I kept my logo concept clean using clear, strong typefaces, (making it easy to read and easy to recall and easy to recognise,) and combined it with a symbol of a Tarantula. The symbol was redrawn from a photo I found of an Arboreal sling.

The logo is entirely ‘vector based’, which means it can be used at any sized from 5c coin to a 50m billboard and it won’t pixelate (Perfect for print, web or video). Below I applied the logo to a branded T-shirt example, but It could work just as well on pens, lanyards or mugs etc.

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The B&W logo works really well with photography. The black version of the logo can be used when the background it light, or it can be reversed out to white when used on a darker background.

I have included an example of how the logo could be applied as a visual for an info or care sheet, as well as how the logo could look like as an “end frame” to a video.

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I hope u guys like
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