Tarantula Growth Challenge

4 years 3 weeks ago #71900 by Vixen82
I keep track of my T's growth very simple, I note the date they molted on an excel sheet and I hang on to the old molts, my two old world T's are very difficult to photograph and measure due to the fact that the one is still very shy and mostly stays under the pete where she has made a burrow and just two in and out points to catch prey, and the other has webbed up the glass so much I can hardly see her behind the bark where she loves to remain.

I Am An Angel I Am A Devil,
I Am Sometimes In Between
I Am As Bad As It Can Get ,
I Am As Good As It Can Be
Sometimes I Am A Million Colours,
Sometimes I Am Black And White
Try To Figure Me Out You Never Can,
There Are So Many Things I Am
I Am All Extremes,
I Am Purple Virgo Vixen.

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4 years 3 weeks ago #71929 by Cameron Torode
'tis a wonderful idea. In fact, this is such a wonderful idea, as soon as I receive my new slings, I shall be doing this. Looks like a fun project and hopefully I can add some data to O. sp Samar and Cebu

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