Not enough webbing but Awesome none the less

3 years 10 months ago #73113 by Jake
Evening All

I got it home, washed it out and then added the peat and then! Then I was stuck at what spider to put into the display cage..

I was thinking of a communal of H. incei but the slings would manage to get out and would take far to much effort to try make it escape proof. then I thought of one of my Pokies but they hide far to much, One of my Psalmopoeus species as they are active species and are always out in the open, but then again they will always be at the top of the cage.

I was going through all the spiders, but what I kept coming back to was webbing, I want something that gives me plenty webbing to look at. So eventually I had found my spider that would be calling the enclosure her home,
My Female C. huahini as she would web her old enclosure all the way to the lid with tunnels and arch ways and always above the peat.

My Female

Attachment DSC_0222.jpg not found

Needless to say my dreams of having this awesome display of webbing and spider was not to be, she spent 2 weeks sitting on the top right hand corner, only coming down to eat, she eventually made a web behind the piece of wood i added and she made a dome shaped hide for herself,

So the excitement builds and the dream in touchable! noob

After the 3rd week she went back up to the top of the tank, so I got this Idea that she was not happy with the amount of light the tank was getting.
So I used some of the old calendar covers that Dimitri gave to me as backdrop to make the enclosure a darker.

That did seem to help, as the lady moved back onto the peat and started spinning and becoming more active a couple days afterwards.
Needless to say, she then went between the Forrest which I thought would be so cool if she spins her elaborate designed webbing I like, instead of that, she went and made herself a nice burrow and I have not seen her since then.

A bit of a long winded story, basically just wanted to share how the tanks looks now.
I did buy a plant for the tank but it was far to big to fit in nicely and would of died with the little bit of light it would be getting.

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Attachment DSC_0906.jpg not found

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3 years 10 months ago #73114 by Martin Oosthuysen
I have a MM not webbing much at all, the female juvenile webs a lot so much its a maze. Quite interesting to see the different behaviors.

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