Box size for an Arboreal

3 years 2 months ago #73982 by Mark
Hey guys!

I just bought a Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli - Wessel's Tiger Ornamental, she's (hope its a she!) about 5cm leg span.

I read somewhere that for a terrestrial T, the box should be at least 3 times wider than the T itself (leg span). When it gets too big for that size, then its time to increase the size of the box.

I've put the new arboreal into a new glass box, I'm concerned about the box not being wide enough. The height of the box is definitely around 3 times higher than the Ts width, but the width is maybe 1.5 the width of the T. IE: the box is taller than wider, BUT, the width is around 1.5 the Ts width.

Is the terrestrial rule of thumb the same for an arboreal? Is this a problem, should I get a wider/taller box? I'll try take photos tonight so I can show you..


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3 years 2 months ago #73984 by Jake
Arboreal s is higher than wider.

You an apply the rule of thumb for terrestrial but just flip the rule of than up right :laugh: .
So you can put your spider into a tank that is 250 squared and 220 or up 300 high, you spider can get old in that size of an enclosure.

Just like these arboreal tanks of mine.

Attachment 1426713_10152782587452733_1968250899313714402_n.jpg not found


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3 years 2 months ago #73985 by SixGun16
Hi Mark,

Given that youT is arboreal it will be perfectly fine in the enclosure you have now. The following rule of thumb applies to the size of the enclosure your T should be in:


Width = 3 x the T's DLS (Diagonal leg span - measured from the left front leg to the right back leg)
Height = 1.5 x the T's DLS.


Width = 1.5 x the T's DLS
Height = 3 x the T's DLS

Your enclosure should also have a tall cork bark that the T can use as a hide and to climb. I lean my cork bark against the side of the enclosure to give it some stability so that the T won't fall and injure itself if the cork bark falls over.

The above is by no means a law but only my opinion on how I keep my T's. Some T keepers might keep their T's differently , but this works for me.

Hope you enjoy your new T. B)

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3 years 2 months ago #73986 by Mark
Thanks guys, that makes perfect sense... I think the T will be fine in its new box, but only for 1 or 2 more molts.. have a look, hope the pics show here:

The second image, the T is around the FAKE Aloe structure.. if its legs were full width on the glass, there would be around 1.5cm on each side of the T if it were centred.

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