Anyone know anythin on these Ephebopus Uatumun?

5 years 6 months ago #55840 by Clayton Passmore
Hi Guys/Gals,

I am looking at getting one of these (Ephebopus Uatumun), does anyone have one or have any information on them?



I found a new obsession - Tarantulas's :-)

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5 years 6 months ago #55843 by Auret
Some of the entries on tarantupedia aren't fully updated however google does know all apparently :)

Scientific Name: Ephebopus uatuman

Common Name: Emerald Skeleton

Geographic Range: Brazil

Habitat/Species type: Terrestrial, New World

Terrestrial refers to ground dweller, burrower.
Arboreal refers to tree dwellers.
New World species found in the Americas tend to be more docile, less venomous, kick urticating hairs for defense.
Old World species found throughout the rest of the world, like Asia, Africa, Europe, etc… generally more aggressive, stronger venom, more apt to bite.

Temperature: 72°F-85°F Humidity: Moderate/High

Growth/Size: Fast / 3″ – 4″ legspan Experience Level: Beginner

Temperament: Skittish, nervous, defensive
Tarantulas vary from docile to very aggressive, skittish, nervous, urticating hair flicker. Read “WARNING” at the end of this care sheet!

Food: Crickets and feeder roaches are most common in captivity. You can also offer mealworms, superworms, etc… DO NOT USE wild caught insects due to insecticides/pesticides and parasites threat.

Water: It is IMPORTANT to always keep an open water dish, full of water in your tarantulas enclosure at all times. This keeps them hydrated and helps keep humidity up! For slings, keep substrate moist. For juveniles and adults, water dish should be non-toxic, shallow and no wider than the body length of your tarantula. NEVER USE cotton balls or sponges to supply water or moisture, may promote mold and harmful bacteria that could be harmful to your tarantula and/or it’s enclosure.

Substrate: Peat moss, coco fiber or a mixer of peat moss, vermiculite. Kept on the damp side.
Provide 4″-12″ of substrate packed down for burrowers. Tarantulas that require low-moderate humidity should be kept on a dry substrate.

Enclosure/Cage: 5 gal tank, showbox size sterile plastic container, etc. is adequate.
Rule of thumb for enclosures is about 1½-2 times the width and length of your tarantula for terrestrial along with 3″-8″ of substrate packed for burrowers. For arboreals, they need more height then ground space, 1″-2″ of substrate. Provide long pieces of cork bard, branches, etc. to climb on for aboreals. You may provide a hide for a quick retreat if it is startled or feels threatened..

Longevity: Unknown

Ephebopus uatuman tarantulas have a somewhat inappropriate “Common Name”, as the emerald sheen about the carapace and the greenish tint to the anterior dorsal side of the abdomen fade quickly after a molt, generally within a month. The “Skeleton” stripes on the legs are barely evident. Most of the time, they are generally a khaki to olive in color. After a fresh molt, the green hues are usually more evident, and the inside of legs have a more purple/blue tone to them. So to enjoy the full beauty of Ephebopus uatuman, you need to observe write after a molt, cause it won’t last long. Mature males are richer in color than there counterparts.

Keeping in captivity as pets:
Use medium to large Kritter Keepers, 5 gal tanks, etc… for juveniles, up to adults. This species prefers damp substrate, so moderate/high humidity levels will work and temps between 72F-85F work. Spritz substrate about once a week to help maintain a higher humidity. Substrate can be peat moss, coco fiber or a mixer of peat moss, vermiculite mixture and should be at least 2″-4″ deep to provide adequate burrowing for slings and juveniles. Ephebopus uatuman can be somewhat defensive species, not recommended for handling, due to they masy bite if they feel threatened. They tend to be skittish to nervouse in behavior.

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5 years 6 months ago #55850 by Clayton Passmore
Thanks for the feedback Splurge...

Does anyone actually have one of these??

They are an amazing looking T, pretty similar to my (Blue Fang) - Ephebopus cyanognathus


I found a new obsession - Tarantulas's :-)

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5 years 6 months ago #55853 by Auret

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5 years 6 months ago #55865 by Vanessa
There is one up for auction on Tim Surman's Facebook Page. 3cm. Current bid is R550 I think.


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5 years 6 months ago #55931 by Brynn Lurie
There are a few for sale on for R650
Gerald is a great guy too!

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