Blatta lateralis (Turkish roaches)

6 years 2 months ago #38948 by Gerhard Du Plooy
I thought I'll share this almost unfortunate experience with you all.

The other day I fed my roaches with some orange slices out of the fridge and after feeding them, I for some or other reason put them into the fridge instead of the remaining orange. (around 16:00)

Much later that evening my brother opened the fridge to find the poor guys in there, and took them out. He gave me a call and told me that they were all seemingly dead. I told him to just leave them out and see what happens, I've heard that roaches are almost indestructible. They all thawed and started running around after a while are a few days later are all still fine.

When this happened I checked for info on the forum but found none. I realized the need for info, or more complete info on all feeders for our T's

I suggest that those members that have successfully kept and bred feeders should update the feeders section of the forum, to help those of us that are starting our own feeder colonies. Assisting us with info like feeder quality, housing, feeding and breeding feeders.

I currently feed my turkish roaches orange slices and cannot really find any info on the web about feeding oranges to crickets and roaches and the effects it might have.

If you cann't convince them, then confuse them.

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6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #39279 by Peter
My turks are fed an equal amount of apples and oranges as part of their diet and only get their moisture from these.

I bought approx 70 adults 7 months ago and left them to it for a few months to get breeding. I now use several hundred per week as feeders but despite this I now have so many that I cannot make a dent in their numbers.
All of the original adults have now died and i now have thousands of fast growing juveniles. As i dont want or need that many to mature and start breeding all at once i have been selling them by the thousand . . which doesnt seemed to have made a dent in the numbers :ohmy:

The video belows show a box which is 24 inch x 16 inch . . .

This is how I keep them. Box on the left are turks and dubia on the right

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6 years 1 month ago #39852 by J.D. glinister
Ok so rule number one roaches need heat so don't put them in the fridge hehehe just kidding.

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6 years 1 month ago #39913 by Darren
Oranges are great for roaches they love them and the plus side is that oranges make your roaches breed better and faster for some reason... I think that it might be the vitamin C or just loads of sugar in them that helps roaches to breed... I only feed my roaches carrots, oranges and kitten pellets 39% protein, hight protein is essential for breeding...

South Africa

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6 years 1 week ago - 6 years 1 week ago #42495 by Leonard
Hi Garfield

Here are some basics I use with all my roaches:Gromphadorhina portentosa, Blaptica Dubia, Blaberus fusca and Blatta lateralis
1) Ventilation - they can fart themselves to dead if your colony is getting big. I Cut 2 Huge squares out of my lid and hot glue, very fine stainless steel mesh over the huge squares, this also ensures that no mites or other insects will get into your colony.
2) Heat is applied to speed up the metabolism of your roaches, and to keep them safe in winter
3) Water - A huge water bowl filled with some pool filter sand that has been pre-washed. This also allows the nymphs to drink from the water, and it also helps with the humidity.
4) Dry-mix food - 1 part oats, 1 part bran and one part liquidized (powdered) "montego classic puppy mix"
5) Fruits - Fruits are only fed once in a blue moon, but when I get my hands onto oranges, I will feed them cut up wedges with the skin on. I place the fruits in a separate container, and feed them until they are bored of eating oranges. Some claim that the Vitamin C boost in oranges helps them breed more, but I have not come on a scientific paper proofing that it is true, I just know my roaches enjoy their oranges in winter. Carrots, apples, banana etc could also be used. Trust me the larger your colony the more work it is to also feed them fruits.
So there will always be dry-mix and water in my containers.

Error shooting:
1) Deformed wings after molting - not enough moisture is available in the container. Solution add more water or a closed container filled with flower gel ball crystals. When the gel balls decrease in size, just drop it back into a bucket of water, this is for moisture purposes only.
2) Dying roaches - If you have medium to small roaches die, check for the obvious: Are there enough water, enough food are the container cold to the touch. If the above is in check then I would check under the food and water bowls for any mold, if any is found then it is time to clean out the container, replace the egg flats, remove the Roach crap and eggs/ molts from the bottom and keep it in a small container as you might have more nymphs hatching. Fruit flies could also destroy your colony, if any fruit fly is found in your colony, then try and make sure your lid is secure and air tight every time.

If anyone needs advice please post your questions in this thread? :cheer:

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6 years 6 days ago #42703 by Gerhard Du Plooy
Thanx iclazion.

I've tried a lot of variables and I think I've got the correct recipe for my B. lateralis to breed. They are laying egg cases like crazy... My next hurdle is getting them to hatch. I've tried to keep them in an environment where they are @ apr. 27 deg C and I try to keep the enclosure moist. My first egg case is about a month old but haven't spotted any nymphs.

If you cann't convince them, then confuse them.

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