Turkistan roaches?

4 years 8 months ago #66460 by Ross
He didnt even bother replying to my email trying to sort it out.... dont see why he had to go make a post like that because I did say I was moving from JHB to PTA and everything got hectic but I gave the first two guys preference as they asked first.... Its not like I make much profit from selling roaches. only reason I was selling was to cull my colony. And there are people here that I have sold to before which were very satisfied with pricing and made effort to fit around when I had time to sort them out. Not only kudu and whitestar have bought from me: I sold plenty last year....

Had people asking if I still had roaches and had to turn them away as I had already sold so many.

If you think that im providing some kind of service you are COMPLETELY WRONG.... Im just a T keeper with a thriving roach colony that needs controlling. But I am willing to share the love(roaches) when I have the precious commodity called TIME. Like ive said, this isnt my job, I just happen to have roaches that have a high upkeep.

Uncle C you are not going to get anywhere by being a d0*ch3 canoe on a forum like this. Im friendly to fellow t keepers but, If I didnt care about my reputation or access to the forum you would have received a very very "nice" reply here. But your unthoughtful post after a couple of my emails explaining the situation will not be forgotten and people that do not choose to understand this is a HOBBY for most of us can just go suck it.....

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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #66461 by Uncle Charlie
I suppose lets just say, in matters like this there is always your version, my version and the correct version. More diplomatic I cant be.

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