entomology handling Poecilotheria metallica MF

4 years 3 months ago #71227 by entomology
Just some pics on handling my pokies :spider:

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4 years 3 months ago #71234 by Danny
Poecilotheria have a very, VERY nasty bite, so to all readers, please heed the warnings - DO respect your Pokies and take extra care when working with them. Each individual Tarantula has a it's own character and behavior, and although some might not mind being handled, others may decide to sink their fangs in to you.

Thanks for the pics, such a beautiful Tarantula.

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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #71236 by entomology
hi Danny :) I totally agree with you and as i have explained in the youtube vid i did on another thread i clearly stated its not a beginner tarantula and handling is not recommended for P metallicas. I have worked with so many animal in my career I won't have space to mention all their names on this thread . The one and most fundamental part of working with any animal is the capability of" reading their body language" which i can do very well but also know they are like all animals and can bite at any given time.UNPREDICTABLE .

So im saying to anyone who handles any tarantula irrespective of its genus and species it is unpredictable and can bite you so heed the warnings and do it @ your own risk!!! . i have an intermediate life support qualification on level 3 working with envenomation and know the treatment hence i always have an EPI PEN at hand incase i go into anaphylaxis shock. I do understand where you coming from Danny and dont wanna see anyone bitten as was envenomated before by Parabuthus traansvalicus before and know its pain all too well l. so all said and done . all is warned now. tx Danny have a great day chap.

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