The most beautiful blue-legged baboon spider in the wild

2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #74153 by Dimitri Kambas
A recent trip to the Eastern Cape, South Africa revealed one of the most beautiful baboon spiders we have seen. Dimitri Kambas and Taki Tsonis managed to find a burrow that looked very similar to that of the Namaqua baboon spider (Harpactira namaquensis). Digging only a few cm of the burrow allowed to get a good look at the spider and from those metallic silver/blue legs you cannot misidentify the species.

Unfortunately the adult female looked very ragged so we did tried to capture as much footage without disturbing her. You can however see her beautiful colours and her spiderlings running around was an extra bonus to add to this video. Hope you enjoy.

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