February 2013

4 years 10 months ago #66351 by Vixen82
Sorry for not using the scientific name, but discovered this morning my Feather Leg Baboon had a molt last night and then I went and got her a new bigger enclosure, at the pet shop they said if I need any help putting her over I just need to bring her in and they would gladly help, so driving home I thought how the am I going to do this, and then I remembered the bagging system everybody spoke about on here sometime ago, and it worked like a dream for me.

Sorry for going off topic a bit, but thanks to this wonderful forum, I placed my freshly molted Lee over into her new enclosure all by myself.

Will post pics on a new topic of her once she has settled in and not stuck to the lid.

I Am An Angel I Am A Devil,
I Am Sometimes In Between
I Am As Bad As It Can Get ,
I Am As Good As It Can Be
Sometimes I Am A Million Colours,
Sometimes I Am Black And White
Try To Figure Me Out You Never Can,
There Are So Many Things I Am
I Am All Extremes,
I Am Purple Virgo Vixen.

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4 years 10 months ago #66426 by Tiaan
One more moult for me.

My G. pulchripes moulted last night.

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