Nhandu Tripepii

4 years 1 month ago #72294 by Tyron
Hi guys

I have a Nhandu tripepii and it seems like it really is overly aggressive. We got quit a bit of rain the last few days so today i picked up her log on which she normally sits to see if there is no mold underneath the log. When i found a small whiteish spot i grabbed the tweezers and tried to take it out.. When the tweezers touched the moss she immediately started to pose and became overly aggressive.. She even goes so far as attacking the tweezers. For those who are wondering. I don"t even own a male haha.. so there is no way in hell there is eggs with her.. would you guys say this is normal or should i keep an eye on her? This has only started in her recent molt she is about 8-10cm now..

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4 years 1 month ago #72297 by Jake
That is normal response from a tarantula.
Especially the fact that you stuck the tweezers into the spiders home after removing the log that is the spider hides under.

She is just looking after herself, the best way she knows how. :laugh:

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