Please help me ID two Lasiodora slings

4 years 5 months ago #70373 by Lloyd Liebenberg
I bought 'Fangs' in June last year and he/she was marked as L.striatipes but my bro-in-law just donated another one to my good cause and it was also purchased as L.striatipes ( Let's call him/her No 2). But they both look really different.

Fangs definitely has a greyer look but No 2 just molted and you can see a light red tinge on the abdomen hairs and the whole T is more black. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent camera so these are taken with my S4. I'd appreciate your opinions as well as any tips on how to get a definitive ID.


Attachment FangsL.striatipesNo1Medium.jpg not found

and No 2:

Attachment L.striatipesNo201Medium.jpg not found

Attachment L.striatipesNo202Medium.jpg not found

Attachment L.striatipesNo203Medium.jpg not found


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4 years 5 months ago #70387 by Deon
Hi Lloyd, I'm going to venture an inexperienced observation :

1. If you change your gross avatar, you will get quicker response :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
2. Maybe you should wait until Fang molts as well, to see what he looks like just after the molt, before you compare.
3. There are bound to be minor color variations from different breeding slings.
4. They do look similar enough to me, with the split lighter color on the front of the abdomen and darker half to the back. It may look more different with them next to each other in daylight, but on the photo's, there does not seem to be enough difference to worry about.
5. How do they compare from the bottom?

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4 years 5 months ago #70389 by Lloyd Liebenberg
Yes, but your avatar told me it thinks you're full of bull about my avatar :P

Thanks for the advice, Fangs was molting every month but the last was in March so may be due soon, will take more pics then and post together with shots from the bottom as well.

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