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Monocentropus balfouri communal

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12 years 11 months ago #31023 by Fuzzy Bear
After the three months of watching a female caring for her offspring, I decided to start a new thread, continuing the story, away from the breeding report.

As we know, the removal of an egg sac, or in this case, the removal of young from the mother can be a traumatic experience. Obviously, the maternal instincts are at a peak.

After breaking up the burrow to remove the babies, I had to give the female a new enclosure. We removed her from her old nest first, then placed the young into individual tubs. Within minutes, she found a spot to hide. I placed her back in my spider room and tried to ignore her, mainly to soothe my conscious.

After 24 hours, she had webbed up an area inside her hide, but was motionless for most of the time. This pushed me over the edge. Because I always wanted to see if M balfouri will live communally, AND I have witnessed dedicated parental care, I decided to "kill two birds".... I took five tubs and re introduced the young into the females enclosure. This would serve a dual purpose. Firstly, it would retain the maternal duties of the female and secondly, be a communal with a twist.

I placed the young at the entrance of her hide and made sure they found their way to the female. It took a few seconds for each to find the female. They touched her legs, then proceeded to hide underneath her, the female remained motionless. I could see the babies wonder about from time to time, but the female showed no interest in them at all. I placed a fat cricket inside the enclosure and called it a day.

On inspection early this morning, a new atmosphere completely. A lot more webbing was visible. The female was in a feeding position and the five babies hanging from her mouth parts. This was what she has been doing for about ten weeks, she is doing it still...

Because there is a difference between tolerant behavior and true communal living, I would like to see to what extent these spiders will live together and for how long the offspring will cohabitate with the female before they make their way out and build their own nests..

I firmly believe that she will continue caring for them, even if only five. The satisfaction of knowing that she can continue her duties as a mother and the five young will be cared for is immense.

So a communal as natural as can be in a captive environment, we shall see where this goes... If possible, pictures will be added in time.

Most people are like clouds. The sun comes out when they f*ck off...

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12 years 11 months ago #31024 by Evan
WOw Scarab. That is so amazing. I really wish I could witness that. Post some pics when you can.

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12 years 11 months ago #31027 by Schalk du Plessis
Wow. That is fascinating.
How large enclosure did you house her in?
Would it be large enough for another adult to set up house if everything goes well, for example having multiple breedings happening within an H incei enclosure without facilitation?

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12 years 11 months ago #31029 by Marula
How sweet of "Daddy" Scarab, and how sweet of Momma Balfouri :woohoo:

I will enjoy following this thread! :kiss:

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12 years 11 months ago #31031 by Master Bater
(Jealous face)

You lucky son ova gun...

0.2.0 B. Vagans (13cm)
1.0.0 L. Parahybana (16cm)
0.1.0 N. Chromatus (13cm)
1.0.0 A. Versicolor (11cm MM)
1.0.0 P. Faciata (17cm)
1.0.0 P. Regalis (16cm MM)
1.0.0 B. Boehmei (4cm)
0.0.1 B. Albopilosum (6cm)
0.0.1 B. Smithi (4cm)
0.0.1 B. Auratum (4cm)
0.0.1 P. Irminia (6cm)
0.0.1 A....

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12 years 11 months ago #31032 by Donavin
Thats really awesome ill be following this thread closely to!

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