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Tarantulas.co.za Golf Shirts

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11 years 9 months ago - 11 years 9 months ago #50843 by Dimitri Kambas
Ok because of all the short notice, seems like the shirts will not be ready for this expo. If you still want your shirt then just pm me and i will still take your order and produce the shirt. For those that have already said they want one and dont mind getting it after expo ignore this.
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11 years 9 months ago #50853 by nicholas wade
Hey man I don't mind but I needed to comment to ask a question . I know some oaks and girls would not like to be labled as a newbie or a juvie keeper but those who would like to be labled could it be possle to have there ranking under the members name for example. Nick wade. Male and then under that arachnid god just an idea let me know if you decide yes and if so how much extra would u have to pay ? ? And that way every time a member ranks up he/she will want to bye a new T.shirt there for you making more sales

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  • Ceratogyrus
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11 years 9 months ago #50854 by Ceratogyrus
Replied by Ceratogyrus on topic Re: Tarantulas.co.za Gold Shirts
The rankings are BS and IMO should not be close to the shirts.
You could have someone with no experience but that posts a lot of crap an the site being an 'arachnid god' (A stupid term anyway) and then another person with years experience that hardly posts anything, being a newbie.
No rankings on the shirt IMO please. And I would have no hassle if the rankings and post counts were taken off the site too.

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11 years 9 months ago #50857 by Jake

Dimitri wrote: i will post pics of the Golf Shirts later today but its a simple professional shirt with just our forum logo, the sleeve has the text "I am a member" and your nickname is on the back

Nick the only writing that is going to be on the shirts, is going to be." I'm a member", tarantulas.co.za logo and your nick on the back of the shirt.
Nothing else will be put on the shirt!

With regards to the male and female, Dave gave an explanation to why it was asked for.

SOS2, 10th annual reptile expo

Dave wrote: I just need to know if you a male or female so I know what cut of t shirt to order. If you a girl them you will obviously need the ladies cut.

Its so easy to hide behind the avatars, who knows, Shane Visser mite be a girl.

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11 years 9 months ago #50863 by Thomas Heymans
Quite interested Dimi,

Send me the details please.


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11 years 9 months ago - 11 years 9 months ago #50980 by George Britz
Hey guys, thought I would share these T-shirts i got in an email. I am all for the T-shirts sporting the Tarantulas logo and whatnot, but not the ranking. I agree with Ceratogyrus 100% on that. It might be that some "newbies" on the site have more experience than others all put together, and my ranking of "juvie keeper" is far from accurate, I generally just post a bunch of crap or things not very educational. ;) (as Ceratogyrus said) LMFAO

Wouldn't it be cool to get 3D shirts printed like this with spiders??? I am personally getting some printed with especially Pokies on them! (It would be much cooler if they could have the Tarantulas forum logo and "pokie club" added.....)

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@ Dimitri: I am by no means condescending the already designed T-shirts, I am only posting this as a future suggestion. ;)


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