Rehousing a few

3 years 8 months ago #73552 by Leon de Jager
Hi all.

Decided to rehouse a few of my T's.

Sommer got a few pics on the process.

Taken with my phone, so excuse the quality......

1. Heteroscodera maculata, about 3 cm

Attachment Heteroscoderamaculata2.jpg not found

Attachment Heteroscoderamaculata3.jpg not found

2. Poecilotheria formosa, about 8 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriaformosa2.jpg not found

3. Poecilotheria ornata , about 6 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriaornata23.jpg not found

4. Poecilotheria ornata 3, about 8 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriaornata33.jpg not found

5. Poecilotheria ornata, about 14 cm, thanking me for the new substrate..

Attachment Poecilotheriaornata9.jpg not found

6. Poecilotheria regalis , about 5 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriaregalis14.jpg not found

7. Second Poecilotheria regalis , same size

Attachment Poecilotheriaregalis21.jpg not found

8.Poecilotheria rufilata, about 5 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriarufilata2.jpg not found

9. Poecilotheria striata, about 12 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriastriata11.jpg not found

10. Poecilotheria striata, about 6 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriastriata23.jpg not found

11. Poecilotheria striata communal of 5, all between 7 and 8 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriastriatacommunal4.jpg not found

Attachment Poecilotheriastriatacommunal5.jpg not found

12. Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli, about 9 cm

Attachment Poecilotheriatigrinawesseli1.jpg not found

13. Psalmopoeus irminia, about 3 cm

Attachment Psalmopoeusirminia11.jpg not found

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3 years 8 months ago #73553 by Leon de Jager
16. Psalmopoeus irminia, same size

Attachment Psalmopoeusirminia23.jpg not found

17. Psalmopoeus reduncus, about 7 cm

Attachment Psalmopoeusreduncus2.jpg not found


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