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3 years 6 months ago #73685 by Jihtu
Hi Everyone

I am new to this site and also fairly recently begun the Tarantula-Hobby.

So here are my T's

Green Bottle Blue, about 2cm

Attachment WP_20140706_008.jpg not found

Curly Hair, about 1cm
Indian Ornamental, about 4cm

Attachment WP_20140706_007.jpg not found

This one molted 2 days ago. So happy to see this one growing really fast.
Brazilian Red and white, about 10cm

Attachment WP_20140706_005.jpg not found

This one loves hiding under that rock, I almost never see her getting out from her hide.
Chaco Gold Knee, about 8cm

Attachment WP_20140706_015.jpg not found

I was so happy when I got home today that she has molted. I have been waiting very patiently for a good 3 weeks. She looks so gorgeous.
Chilean Rose (I was told it is a n rcf), about 3cm

Attachment WP_20140706_011.jpg not found

I am hoping this one will molt sometime soon.
Mexican Red Rump, about 4cm

Attachment WP_20140704_003.jpg not found

This was my first T and i got her when she was like 0.5cm big, this is a pic of her first feed after her most recent molt.
Tiger Rump, about 3cm

Attachment WP_20140706_010.jpg not found

I am not too sure about this, I just got it as part of a package, but this one has also molted today. It seems to love building tunnels with lots of webbing.

I have attached pictures of them (except the curly, it was borrowed somewhere and I didn't want to disturb it, besides babies like that aren't very spectacular.

Thats me for now :)
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