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    Fireman, Plumber, Broker...

    Allergic to bullshit...

    Ask me...


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Friday, 28 May 2010 12:24
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4 years ago
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  • Thomas Heymans

    Lurking in the shadows...

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  • Thomas Heymans added a new comment in blog Test Blog...

    The question is, what will be blogged?I would say a blog by the administrator would be a great idea.Where possible new ideas and implementations can be discussed, the auction the Natcon thing, etc...TH

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  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Announcement re: Classified adds... in the forum.

    The Classified Section is found HERE

    The rules for posting in the classified section is found HERE


    I will should I encounter classifieds of any nature not posted in the Classified section, delete on sight. It is not negotiable.

    We are not a bunch of uneducated hoo hah's!

    Unless you can prove that your IQ is 50> no one has an excuse to to abide by the rules.


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  • Thomas Heymans is attending .
  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Snake Awareness Course - West Rand in the forum.

    Mfezi Snake awareness will be conductng a snake handling and awareness course on the 22nd of October 2011. All interested or for more information please contact them on 073971094. the course will be held in the West Rand (Muldersdrift, Johannesburg)


  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Bonzai... in the forum.

    I met up with Bonzai over the weekend to collect snakes.

    The snakes are in perfect condition.

    The man is a very friendly guy, willing to share ideas.

    It was a pleasure.

    I will definitely do business with Bonzai again.


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  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Biggest Salt Water Croc caught in Philippines in the forums.

    The biggest saltwater croc to date was caught in the Philippines measuring 6.4 metres, and weighing in at 1075 kgs...

    Check this link


  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Flatmate on the Westrand in the forums.

    Hey guys,

    I need someone to share a flat in the Honeydew Area from the end of October.

    Any interested parties, please contact me.


  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Collection For Sale in the forums.

    Guys, and girls,

    I am selling a friend of mine's collection.

    2 off B alpopilosum 6cm R300 each
    2 off N chromatus 6 cm R350 each
    1 off B albopilosum 10cm R450
    1 off B vagans 3cm R130
    1 of L parahybana 5cm R180
    1 off C fasciatum 5 cm R350 - R400


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  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Female Red Tail Boa For Sale in the forums.

    Hi guys,

    I have a female boa of about 3.5 metres for sale.

    Proven breeder.

    Make me an offer.

    PS - The sale excludes enclosure.


  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Read First before posting here in the forums.

    In order to assist and resolve your bugs in a timely fashion, we would need you do to your part as well.

    So, when you experience a problem...

    1. Clear your temporary internet files and cookies. If this doesn't solve the problem then

    2.Search for similar instances, if it has been resolved, follow the advice etc,

    if not, contribute

    When reporting a bug...

    1. Give as detailed description as possible.
    2. Include error messages.
    3. Give us information, such as browser version, flash version, etc.


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  • Thomas Heymans

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  • Thomas Heymans created a new topic Before Posting here... in the forums.

    Try to give information in the title of your post. A clear title will attract more views to your thread, as it gives a clear indication of the content of the post to the people that are interested. If you are looking for something Title your thread accordingly. Use scientific names, give details.

    If you have what the poster wants, then open a thread under the For Sale Section and notify the Seeker.

    This will add more structure to the forum, and improve results on those wanting to trade

    Once a sale is completed, or you've found what you were looking for, please have the thread removed. Thus keeping the active trades alive, and sifting the cadavers out.

    Trading in or advertising of indigenous/banned species of any kind is strictly prohibited.

    All members of the Harpactirinae subfamily that are represented in South Africa namely:

    Augacephalus spp.
    Brachionopus spp.
    Ceratogyrus spp
    Harpactira spp.
    Harpactirella spp.
    Idiothele spp.
    Pterinochilus spp.
    Trichognathella spp.

    Deals/Trades/Sales done via the forum must at all times be above board and honorable.

    Business advertising is strictly prohibited on the forum, there will be a paid/registered section added soon to accomodate advertising.

    In contravention and/or violation of the above, a member will receive one warning via a private message from any one of the administrators.
    Should correction not be made by said member, the member will receive a final warning.
    Should correction not be made by said member, the member will be banned from this forum.


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