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  • Liam created a new topic Large collection sale in the forum.

    Hi all,
    Due to my full time job as a game ranger in Hoedspruit, I’m struggling to find time for my beloved T’s. Rather than neglecting them I’ve decided after much deliberation to sell the collection.

    Brachypelma vagans x3 Female (9-10cm) R250ea
    Brachypelma boehmei x2 Unsexed – suspected females (7cm) R350ea
    Brachypelma albiceps x1 Female (7cm) R450
    Grammostola rosea x5 Unsexed (2cm) R40ea
    Grammostola pulchripes x2 Female (11-12cm) R300ea
    Heteroscodra maculata x2 Unsexed – suspect females (8-9cm) R350ea
    Heteroscodra maculata x1 Unsexed (5-6cm) R200
    Stromatopelma calceatum x1 Unsexed (4-5cm) R200
    Avicularia versicolor x3 Unsexed – German stock(6cm) HIGHEST OFFER
    Avicularia avicularia x1 Unsexed (5cm) R500
    Psalmopoeus irminia x1 Female (10cm) R450
    Poecilotheria fasciata x1 mature Female – possibly gravid (18cm+) R550
    Cyclosternum fasciatum x2 Unsexed (7cm) R250
    Chilobrachys fimbriatus x1 Unsexed (4cm) R300
    Acanthroscurria geniculata x1 Unsexed (7cm) R200
    Lasiodora parahybana x1 Female (13cm) R400

    Parabuthus mossambicensis x1 Unsexed (6cm) R200

    All inverts have enclosures that come with them but obviously I can only offer them to you if you can collect. Postage starts at R85 extra but may be more for larger orders - I will get a quote if applicable.
    Please do not PM me, rather e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You can attempt to call but 90% of the time I’m out of signal range 079 8146 497.


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  • Liam created a new topic Free: Mature Males N.chromatus & G.rosea RCF in the forum.

    Hi all,
    I have a mature male G. rosea (RCF) and a mature male N. chromatus that need homes. Pay postage and they are yours. Drop me a PM


  • Liam created a new topic Olive bark scorpion (Uroplectes olivaceus) in the forum.

    Hi all,
    Have seen a few interesting things recently with regard to my female U. olivaceus (Olive bark scorpion) and thought I should share. On the 23rd of February my heavily gravid female dropped her babies. As far as I can tell there are between 30 and 35! Here they are at 1st instar:

    Then last night I checked on them and to my amazement, all of them were moulting simultaneously:

    I will post more pics as the babies leave her back and start to feed for the first time which should start to happen pretty soon. Thanks for reading!


  • Liam

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  • Liam

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  • Liam created a new topic Another collection for sale :( in the forum.

    Hi everyone,
    Sadly, changes in my career path will see me living out of a tent in the bush for 6 out of every 8 weeks and so my spiders have to go to new homes. This is a very reluctant sale as I've spent a couple of years building this modest collection up and it will be heartbreaking to see them go... but better that than them suffering without food and water through the hot months. The list is as follows:

    1 x B. albopilossum huge mature female 16cm+ @ R400
    1 x B. albopilossum unsexed 7cm @ R120
    4 x B. vagans unsexed 7cm @ R200 each
    1 x P. irminia unsexed 7cm @ R550
    1 x P. cambridgei mature male (2011/10/08) @ R350
    1 x P. pulcher unsexed 2cm @ R90
    2 x C. fasciatum unsexed 3cm @ R120 each
    2 x H. maculata unsexed 5cm @ R350 each
    1 x A. geniculata unsexed 2.5cm @ R80
    1 x G. rosea (blood red) unsexed 8cm @ R400
    1 x L. parahybana unsexed 10cm @ R400
    1 x N. chromatus unsexed 10cm @ R400
    1 x N. chromatus unsexed 8cm @ R300
    1 x G. pulchripes unsexed 8cm @ R400
    1 x P. fasciata male (yet to mature) 11cm @ R350

    All spiders are in great health and come with enclosures if you can fetch them, if not I can post the spiders on their own for R85 overnight via speed services. This is an urgent sale. PM if interested, pics available on request.

    Liam (Bushpilot)

  • Liam created a new topic Blue Tongued Skink for sale in the forums.

    Hi all,
    I have an awesome adult blue tongued skink for sale. Not sure of the sex but it eats like a horse and is very active. I bought this gorgeous animal on the spur of the moment at an expo but with the time my job takes up I'm not giving him/her the attention that he/she deserves.

    If you are interested in giving this character a home please drop me a PM with a reasonable offer. Transport can be arranged anywhere.

    Thank you,

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  • Liam

    Reptile expo in Nelspruit this weekend, can't wait! Hope to see some of you guys & girls there.

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