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  • Evan replied to the topic 'slings not eating' in the forum.

    In a nutshell my advice would be to not worry seeing as it is winter (even though we as humans try control climates with heating pads).

    Offer food once a week and if it's not eaten remove within a day.

    They will eat sooner than later.

  • Evan thanks user 'cascade' in the forum message ' Re: A Joke A Day.'.
  • Evan replied to the topic 'Hello...Bonzai firmly planted again' in the forum.

    Hey Bonzai,

    Good to see you are back. I don't believe you missed much. I have been offline for some time as I have relocated and changed careers. Glad to hear about a new hobby. Man I find it amazing how a hobby can induce so much happiness.

    On the topic of geology, we are busy with a project that involves piling 15 - 30 metres deep. Amazing fossils are popping up. A friend of mine found a beautiful ammonite with a +- 30cm diamater. I believe they are anything between 200 - 450 million years old. Ammonites are from the Jurrasic era. I am really hoping ot find one myself to keep and frame. My father studied geophysics and loves rocks and minerals. He use to collect when he was younger but a lot of has been stolen over time.

    Good to have you back bud. :)

  • Evan replied to the topic 'iTarantula App' in the forum.

    Spunky wrote:

    I'm at a loss for words that nothing is done about this constant, irrelevant, negative banter on so many forum posts!

    Cameron, please don't comment on my posts anymore, unless you can add value or take value from it. I don't give a rat's bottom what phone you prefer - if a post isn't relevant to you, there is no reason to comment on it.


    @Steven - don't discount it yet! I'm sure that if they sort out the glitches and add all the species, then the combination of tarantula encyclopedia and personal T database will be very useful, especially to the guys that don't have computer access. And then the price might make sense - I don't know what it takes to get something like this off the ground, so I can't really comment on price.

    @Uncle Charlie - I actually had you in mind when I posted this, since I know you access the forum, etc, from your phone.

    @Mario - that's good news

    I'm sure the Android version isn't far behind! Maybe the Android guys can keep us up to date when it is available for the Samsungs and such :)

    Thanks for the topic Spunky. I will be keeping an eye out for the Android version of the app.

    I personally use a spreadsheet which is stored on dropbox which means its always backed up.

    Also I share Spunky's sentiments with regards to Firefly. He is seriously spoiling the mood on some of these threads to the point where I don't feel like participating. Like the Jokes thread. Firefly, your immaturity is reflected through your posts. Try act your age or keep your opinion to yourself if you have nothing to contribute.

  • Evan created a new topic Van's Picture thread in the forum.

    Hi all,
    This will be a thread for some pics of my T's.

    Here is my GBB(Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) after a molt and Brachypelma emilia.

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  • Evan created a new topic Shelving for enclosures in the forum.

    Hi forum,
    I want to build some shelving for my T's over the holiday. I can easily go down the route of designing and building it out of wood as I have experience working as a carpenter. The problem will be that it will be permanent.

    I want a solution that can be modified. What I had in mind is those metal shelves that bolt into the to columns (if thats the correct word) at the height you wish. So the shelf height can be modified and changed.

    Where do you guys think I can get those metal (alluminium) shelves?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Evan created a new topic B albopilosum breeding report in the forum.



    Date female moulted last
    July 2011

    Date male matured (Wynie's male - thanks)
    June 2011

    Last mating date
    13 August 2011

    Mating behaviour
    Didnt have any problems with the mating. Mated them 1 time. He tapped immediately every time and she was very receptive.

    Tank conditions
    Temp: 20 – 25 degrees
    Humidity: +- 70%

    Feeding schedule before mating
    She was fed as much as she would take. Crickets and Roaches

    Feeding schedule after mating
    Offered her crickets and roaches every second day until she excavated her burrow (16 October 2011) and closed the entance.

    Date eggsac produced
    late October 2011

    Date eggsac removed/hatched
    Removed 06 November 2011
    Eggs with legs 21 November 2011
    Total number of spiderlings

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