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  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Real Tarantula Molt Jewelry: for sale!!' in the forum.

    Very interesting idea!

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Mature males wanted' in the forum.

    That's odd that he doesn't want to mate. Maybe she is not ready yet?
    From what i can tell no, he has not made a sperm web yet. think he is still recovering after molt.

    I would want 5 - 10 slings as payment ( depending on the sac of course )

    Send me a pm and we can talk more in detail.

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Mature males wanted' in the forum.

    Hi Christo,

    I have a green bottle blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) MM that moulted this weekend if you are still interested.

  • Tiaan created a new topic ' Heteroscodra maculata (Ornamental Baboon)' in the forum.

    This will be my first post in the graveyard.

    I lost my little sling due to an upright moult. He moulted very badly and after trying to help him he died.

    Sad to see such an awesome T go :(

    RIP maccy

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Strange moult' in the forum.

    Thank you for the replies.

    Sadly when i checked on my T this morning he had died sad

    Still don't know what happened, probably just nature. The worst moult i have ever seen.

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Strange moult' in the forum.

    Thanks Leon

    I am super sad at the moment, i have never had a moult like this and his enclosure is moist plus the temp doesn't drop below 20.

    I don't see how he can survive with only one leg...

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Strange moult' in the forum.

    He has lost his pedipulps (legs next to fangs) and P1 on the right hand side.

    When i tried to wet the old skin P1 just came off like it has already been removed.

    The T wasn't happy when i tried to help him. I am not sure if he is going to make it.

    I have stopped trying to remove the old skin. Placed him back in his enclosure and gave his legs a last coating of water.

    I hope that's enough to help him. I put a water drop just in front of him just in case.


  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Re:Re: Strange moult' in the forum.

    Just the one leg thats out is moving but very little.

    I am trying to wet the old skin to get it off.

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Strange moult' in the forum.

    sad I came home to my T in exactly the same position :(

    Here are some pics, hope this helps anyone in giving advice!

    I am going to try and get the old molt off to see if that helps in the meantime.

  • Tiaan replied to the topic 'Hunger Games - Poecilotheria metallica communal' in the forum.

    Wow guys the communal is looking fantastic!!! :woohoo: Thank you for keeping us updated Dimitri!!

  • Tiaan thanks user 'Dimitri' in the forum message ' Hunger Games - Poecilotheria metallica communal'.
  • Tiaan created a new topic ' Strange moult' in the forum.

    Good morning everyone,

    I need help please!!! This morning i checked on all my T's and saw that my H. maculata sling at roughly 2.5cm looked funny... at first i thought he was just stretching his legs but then i saw the color difference and that his legs are up in the air!! :unsure:

    Like he moulted on his stomach. The only thing i can see is that only one leg is out his moult the rest are in the air.
    (When i say in the air i mean this, imagine your T's moulting on it's back with it's legs straight up. Now just turn the T's body around. That's how it looks. sad I will upload pictures tonight when i get home)

    I don't know what to do. This is the first time i have had a bad moult and if he looses all his legs but one what are the chances of him surviving?

    I left him for now as i needed to go to work. Will check up on him when i get home. If he is in the same position must i try and take of the old skin? I don't want to stress him out even more than he already is.

    Your help and advice will be greatly appreciated!


  • Tiaan created a new topic ' Tapinauchenius cupreus (Violet Tree Spider)' in the forum.

    Good day

    I am looking for the following slings. Preferably I would like to buy all from the same person.

    Chilobrachys fimbriatus (Indian Violet)
    Heteroscodra maculata (Ornamental Baboon)
    Tapinauchenius cupreus (Violet Tree Spider)


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  • Tiaan created a new topic Sad day in the forum.

    Hey guys and gals

    It has been a very difficult week for me and i had to make some difficult decisions as well.

    I have to leave the hobby for a while due to some personal stuff and had to sell all my T's. I am very grateful that
    people replied to my add so fast and that i could sell almost everything to one or two people.

    I still have a roach colony of 500+ with enclosure and extras that needs to go so if anyone is interested please let me know.

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  • Tiaan created a new topic Nhandu chromatus moult in the forums.

    Hey people

    I have a question about my N. chromatus. His abdomen his pitch black and i am sure he is about to moult as he has been on his back but for some reason he did not moult but got back on his feet and when into hiding again...

    I just want to ask is it normal for them to do that or is he/she waiting for the right moment to moult?
    How long can they go on like this? i keep his enclosure moist to aid in his atempt to moult.

    I am just scared that something goes wrong and he dies or gets a bad moult...

    My temps are between 20 and 30.

    Any help or sugetions would be awesome thanks.


  • Tiaan created a new topic Holothele incei Communal Transfer in the forums.

    Hi people

    Just thought i would share something today. I haven't posted anything for a while and thought today is perfect.

    So i had a Communal setup for about 5 months and the Enclosure i had was a bit big for just 3 H. Incei, I was also scared that they will get territorial as they had there own spots and didn't interact at all. For the better part of 4 months i didn't see any progress in the Enclosure and no new webs.

    So i decided to rehoused them to a smaller enclosure, its been 3 days and so far so good. They started to make new homes and they are very close to each other. I hope that they don't go all defensive and kill each other.

    There is a few roaches in the enclosure as well so i highly doubt that there will be any fighting over food and the sorts.

    Hopefully this time they will interact and live together rather than apart.

  • Tiaan

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  • Tiaan created a new topic Cant upload pics in the forums.


    I created a new album and when i want to upload pics it gives me a security error.

    Any idea what i am doing wrong? Does it only support some type of files? I tried a jpg file.

  • Tiaan created a new topic Brachypelma albiceps (Eating problem) in the forums.

    Hey guys, i need some help with my B. albopilosum. The little sling is about say 1.2cm and hasn't eaten in about 3 - 4 months since i got him. I also have a B. albiseps the same size with the same problem.

    Now i have tried small food, even smaller food, half dead food and dead food. I tried putting up the temp dropping the temp but nothing. I tried keeping it damp and drying it out.

    Do they eat at that size? They dont seem to even bother with the food and i cant see if a moult is on its way as they have been the same color since i got them.

    I dont know what to do anymore. I know the G. Rosea can fast for a long time and learned to be patient during this time. Is this the same with these 2??

    Any advise would be great thanks

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