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    Loving my T's

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 21:19
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  • Renier de Jager created a new topic Cheers C.huahini MM in the forum.

    I just had another shot at breeding my huahini M and F.

    The tapping was good. The touching was good. She lifted. He moved in under her and.....

    BAMMMMMMMM she attacked him and ate him

    Before they could mate


  • Renier de Jager created a new topic First Breeding Attempt in the forum.

    Great news

    My Brachypelma albopilosum has made an eggsack on Saterday. We mated her around 3-4 months ago.
    It has been 3 months and nothing.

    Got some tip from a friend (Jason) on the forum and did flood and heat and Whooop Whoop my first egg sack.

    I know it is still early days but lets hope all goes well.

    Thanks to all you guys on the forum for all the info.

    Temp 29c
    Humidity Room 40%
    Humidity in tank 80%

    Will keep you posted

  • Renier de Jager created a new topic Skollies Collection in the forums.

    My Collection as at 29-09-2011

    M F U Scientific Name/ Common name
    1 1 2 Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad chevron)
    0 1 2 Brachypelma vagans ( Mexican Red Rump)
    0 0 1 Acanthoscurria geniculata( Giant White Knee)
    0 1 3 Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly hair)
    0 0 3 Lasiodora parahybana (Salmon Pink )
    1 1 1 Poecilotheria regalis (Indian Ornamental)
    1 0 3 Cyclosternum fasciatum (Tiger rump)
    1 1 2 Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee )
    0 1 1 Brachypelma boehmei (Mexican Fireleg)
    0 0 2 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green BB)
    0 0 1 Psalmopoeus pulcher (Panama blonde )
    0 1 2 Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst )
    0 1 7 Grammastola rosea (Chilean Rose Hair)
    0 0 2 Holothele incei (Trinidad Olive)
    0 0 1 Psalmopoeus irminia (Suntiger)
    0 0 1 Avicularia avicularia (Pinktoe)
    0 0 1 Tapinauchenius violaceus (Purple Tree Spiders)
    0 0 2 Sericopelma rubronitens (Panama Red Rump)
    1 2 0 Brachimelma smithii (Mex Red Knee)
    0 0 1 Pamphobeteus insignis (Colombian Purple Bloom)
    1 1 0 Chilobrachys huahini (Asian Fawn)
    0 0 2 Nhandu tripepii (Brazillian Giant Blonde)
    0 0 3 Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra Island Blue Baboon)
    0 0 2 Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt Blue)
    0 0 1 Nhandu coloratovillosus (Black & White Birdeater)
    0 0 1 Pamphobeteus insignis( Colombian Purple Bloom)
    0 0 4 Poecilotheria fasciata (Sri-Lankan Ornamenta)
    0 0 4 Stromatopelma calceatum (Feather Leg Baboon)
    0 0 2 Trixopelma ockerti (Peruvian Flame Rump)
    0 0 1 Hysterocrates gigas (Cameroon Red Baboon)
    0 0 3 Poecilotheria striata (Mysore Ornamental)
    0 1 0 Phormictopes canceroides (Haitian Brown)
    1 1 1 Nhandu chromatus (Brazilian Red & White)

    Will be adding some Photos soon

  • Renier de Jager created a new topic MR Tarantula in the forums.

    hi Guys (and Girls)

    Just wanted to say that i visited Jozua today and what a nice guy.

    Got great service, some nice T's from him and even coffee from his wife (LOL).

    Definitely urge you to pay him a visit.

    Thanx Jozua

  • jozua Renier de Jager

    Hi ,I booked the 2 X feather leg baboon ( Stromatopelma calceatum) 4-5cm @ R290each for you will let you know if shinobi dragon dont take the (H.maculata)
    when do you want to fech them

    Renier de Jager Will collect in the week. I have your number will give u a shout. Thanx
    6 years ago
  • Renier de Jager created a new topic Chilobrachy's huahini (Giant Asian Fawn) Female in the forums.

    I have a Mature Female that shed a few weeks ago. Looking for a male.

    Anyone interested??

    Buy or Loan

  • Renier de Jager created a new topic New Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst) Female in the forums.

    Just got my new MF Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst) today.

    Have been waiting a while for her.

    She is an absolute beaut

    Now to find a Male and get busy.....

  • Renier de Jager created a new topic Curly Recovers in the forums.

    O Happy Day

    I have a small 4cm Curly that unfortunately, with its previous molt, lost a leg and had 1 leg that was completely skew. I have been hoping that it will come right and .....

    Yesterday it molted and the skew leg is 100% and the missing leg has been replaced with a white leg(it has not hardened yet)

    I know it is only a Curly but they are all equal. Would want the same for Curly as for the more exotics.

    Thought I would just share my joy......

  • Renier de Jager created a new topic Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron) Female in the forums.

    Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron) Female looking for a date.

    She is ready to rumble.

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  • Renier de Jager created a new topic M Balfouri in the forums.

    Hey Guys

    Got 3x M. Balfouri's (Socotra Blue Baboon) today. Still only sling of about 2cm but very excited.

    Now to get them Big.....

  • Renier de Jager

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