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  • Cameron replied to the topic 'Re:JHB Exotic Reptile & Pet Expo 2014' in the forum.

    So, who will be the first to provide those of us that cannot be there with some teasers?

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  • Cameron created a new topic ' Need Enclosures' in the forum.

    Hi All

    I am in need of some terrestrial enclosures - 25w x 30l x 25h (all Glass)

    Anybody know of a store on PTA / centurion area that stock ?

    All the usual stores seems to be reducing their spider supplies.

    Willing to swop you for some hissers /or cash if you have any not in use.


  • Cameron replied to the topic 'Re:Isopods' in the forum.

    If your still looking and in PTA area - mail me

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  • Cameron replied to the topic ' v2.0' in the forum.

    I saw the pokie

  • Cameron thanks user 'cascade' in the forum message ' Container size and growth rate'.
  • Cameron replied to the topic ' v2.0' in the forum.

    Taki wrote:

    we are trying to raise the level of integrity of the hobby.
    As time has gone by there seem to be more and more people doing other people in the hobby in and we want to try and eradicate that.
    I am one of those people that share a fair bit on Facebook for example because I have nothing to hide at all and live my life on the straight (well imo at least lol).

    Taki be careful - you make it sound as if people preferring their privacy don't live their life on the straight. I know you may not mean it that way but...

    You do have a noble cause - and the forum is doing a fantastic job of promoting the hobby but it would be unwise to be the entire police force as well. Unfortunately unscrupulous people will exploit every avenue

  • Cameron replied to the topic 'Real names used - let's talk' in the forum.

    Taki wrote:

    Of course we are allowed to discuss this.

    Let me start by saying this is not up for debate and you wrongly believe this policy will be reversed! Whoever doesn't like it has the choice not to be on the forum, we are not FORCING anyone.....

    I feel that this hobby needs to come out of the 'darkside'

    Obviously we are still playing with a good veryfication process but we'll find a good solution I'm sure.

    My way or the highway is not usual forum guidelines - just saying.

    This hobby will never come out of the dark side - we are talking about spiders :evilgrin: :lol: . The problem is not with the hobby but with people's behaviour on a forum - unfortunately this is normal for a forum, it is not a tea club.

    I have no issue verifying my ID to a few select mods/owners - but prefer not having it available to the general public.

  • Cameron created a new topic ' Container size and growth rate' in the forum.

    Would a too-small container slow the growth of a spider?

    The standard recommendation is for a container that is at least three times the spider's leg span. If you keep a spider in a small container would he eventually "outgrow" hid container or would he slow his growth rate?

    Another way of asking the same question: would a spider in the "right" size container grow faster that a spiders in a container that is too small?

  • Cameron created a new topic ' Real names used - let's talk' in the forum.

    Just a few questions and observations. I trust we are allowed to discuss the issue. whistle2
    Dimitri Kambas wrote:

    Real names will be used from now on. I don't see why you would want your surname removed Cxxxx? Have you removed it from Facebook?

    Real names? name only? name and surname? real to what extent? verified by whom?

    Forums in general are anonymous environments and this will take some adjustment time. When they join, people have a choice to supply real name or nick. You took away that "choice" for current members. I believe this policy will eventually be reversed!

    You cannot compare this forum to Facebook. On Facebook I can control who has access to ME. . I know that this is currently a relatively small (but growing) community where all the major players are friends of friends of friends and known to one another. Real names may result in new members using false ID's or feeling unwelcome.

    Taki wrote:
    Stalked..... seriously? Do you get stalked on Facebook? The whole point of this exercise is to make people accountable for their forum behaviour, it's much easier to talk rubbish and flame when you’re anonymous!

    make people accountable for their forum behaviour - how??? :starwars:

    Anonymous = forum -- unless you want to limit membership to properly identified (possibly - paid up) members only.
    In my mind open identity = (to some extent) exclusivity.

    Current members don't have a choice regarding their names being displayed - depending on what info they supplied when joining. New members will have a clear choice - do I supply my real name or call myself John Doe.

    Taki wrote:
    Cxxxxxn the non-real names will be sorted out asap, in the meantime please guys, don't use silly names!

    Meaning? uzi :deal

  • Cameron created a new topic ' A Turkish Revolution or meals on wings?' in the forum.

    The joy of adulthood :happy: :happy: :happy:

    [File Attachment: 1.jpg]

    [File Attachment: 2.jpg]

    [File Attachment: 3.jpg]

    [File Attachment: 4.jpg]

    [File Attachment: 5.jpg]

    [File Attachment: 6.jpg]

    suddenly disappears when you realize you are a ready meal :evilgrin:

  • Cameron created a new topic ' My spider is bigger than yours!' in the forum.

    Which is the more "acceptable" measurement to use? Both spiders "measured" to about 9cm

    The GP(chacco) is a lot bigger in body size with legs bent quite a bit

    [File Attachment: Chacco.jpg]

    The BB (Fireleg) is a lot smaller in body size with legs stretched out..

    [File Attachment: Fireleg.jpg]

  • Cameron

    {actor} I'm available

  • Cameron created a new topic ' Help: Roach colony = bad smell = angry S O' in the forum.

    Any ideas on how to appease the government ? :deal Don't want to get sanctioned uzi and at this stage the colony is in-house - so need a way of masking the :reallysick: smell. I have used scented p jelly on the top edge but this is not enough. Any ideas on how to get their farts to smell like Channel No 5?

  • Cameron created a new topic ' Have you seen your spider drinking water?' in the forum.

    Was just wondering Have you seen your spider drinking water? What species and size was it? AT the moment I only have slings - about 2 - 7cm Lasiodora, Brachypelma and Grammostola Up to now I have not supplied any dishes with water and would spray about 1/month. How important is this?

  • Cameron created a new topic Exuviums needed in Centurion/Pretoria in the forum.


    Need some help with my (son's) school project, please. He wants to do a talk on HIS spiders and need some exuviums for his display. A range of sizes to indicate growth stages needed. . It is on short notice so all our ones have been discarded. Willing to collect.


  • Cameron created a new topic Calling roach experts in the forum.

    Due to space limitations I decided to place my hissers and forrests in one tub.

    While they were seperate the hissers never bred but the forrests produced quite a few eggpods.

    In the combined container, I added a heatpad at the start of winter (current avg temp 20*c) and also started feeding them oranges. Now the hissers are spreading lots of love but I have not had a single eggpod from the forrests.

    I have noticed one massive cricket lurking around in the tub - could he be the guilty one or could there be some other explanation?

  • Cameron created a new topic Tarantula Keeper's Guide in the forum.

    Tarantula Keeper''s Guide 3 available in Centurion area


    Charles 0827827837

  • Cameron created a new topic Is this a suitable cork tube alternative? in the forum.

    Let me start with the basic question? Are these tubes used for specific spiders only? I would assume arboreal spiders.

    Anybody used this as an alternative to cork bark tubes? Would it be suitable?

    It is the pods protecting palm tree seed/flowers. It is about a meter in length, so you will only be using a specific section. It starts with a diameter of about 5cm until it opens up completely. It normally dries on the tree so it should not be affected by moisture.

    Was just wondering: should I keep these or chuck them?

  • Cameron created a new topic 7 March - to toll or not to toll - that is the ? in the forum.

    It seems there is some consensus amongst the majority of people across the South African spectrum. Everybody is unhappy with the tolls. The minister of finance played a shrewd hand that may sooth some motorists but this doesn’t seem to stop the tide.

    What is your view?

    1. They should pay up and shut up and enjoy the new road.
    2. My banner is ready for 7 March
    3. I support the protest but won't be on the ground on 7 March

  • Cameron created a new topic Old vs New world: Venom in the forum.

    From what I can gather from Google OW spiders in general are more venomous than NW spiders.

    Are there any/many exceptions to this "rule"?
    Are there many NW spiders that are fairly skittish and medically significantly venomous?
    Are there many OW spiders that are docile and not venoumous?

    This obviously refers to T's in the hobby.

  • Cameron created a new topic Thrive the documetary - seen it? in the forum.

    Anybody seen the documentary Thrive?

    If yes, what is your opinion of the information shared in the documentary?

    No, Google!

  • Cameron created a new topic What is THE roach if you can only have one? in the forum.

    What would be THE roach to keep in a colony if you can only have one colony?

    Must be easy to keep
    Preferably not able to run up smooth sides of Addis bins - nymphs included
    Good feeder for various sizes of spider (currently I only have 8 slings 1-4cm)
    Don’t burrow into substrate
    No bad smells

  • Cameron created a new topic sling, juvie, sub-adult ---it's all Greek to me in the forum.


    Could somebody please explain the different terms relating to the size/age of a T or refer me to a site that has a good expalantion. I used the search function but could not fine any on this forum.

    Does the specific terms have the same meaning with respect to all different T's?


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