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    I'm a software developer, I love Ts :D

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Monday, 14 February 2011 14:47
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  • Master Bater created a new topic ' Selling My Collection' in the forum.

    Hi Guys

    Its been years since I posted something here, sadly I have to quit the hobby due to circumstances outside of my control.

    4 x p. Metalica (1 x MM, 1 x Sub Adult Female, 2 x unsexed juvies)
    1 x M. Balfouri (Unsexed Juvie)
    1 x B. Auratum (Unsexed Juvie)
    1 x B. Emilia (Unsexed Juvie)
    1 x G. Rosia (Unsexed Sub Adult)
    1 x L. Stratia (3cm sling)
    1 x B. Vagans (MF)
    1 x P. sp Machalla (Suspected MF)

    Make me an offer if you are interested.



  • Master Bater replied to the topic 'Help - M. Balfouri ICU?' in the forum.

    I get what you're saying, was just wondering how the ICU should be put together, since a conventional ICU would kill it faster as it doesn't like moisture

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' Help - M. Balfouri ICU?' in the forum.

    The runt of my communal isn't doing to well. The bigger ones kept stealing his prey items. I separated him now, but he is very weak. I know balfouri don't like high humidity, so what to I do to get the fella's strength back up so he can feed? Right know he is so weak, he can only drag himself around.

    Please help :(

  • Master Bater replied to the topic 'Down scaling my collection' in the forum.

    Price drop:
    1 x B. Smithi (unsexed) - 6cm @ R400
    1 x B. Auratum (unsexed) - 7cm @ R500
    1 x B. Emilia (unsexed) - 6cm @ R500
    1 x B. Vagans (Female) - 8cm @ R500
    1 x G. Rosea (unsexed) - 3cm @ R100
    1 x N. Chromatus (Female) - 12cm @ R700
    1 x A. Brocklehursti (Unsexed) - 8cm @ R600 - molted last night :rock
    1 x P. sp. Machala (Unsexed) - 9cm @ R1000

    Or take everything for R3500

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' Down scaling my collection' in the forum.

    Hi All

    I'm down scaling my collection. I'm running out of space and I'm saving up for a wedding so the money will come in handy. Every little bit helps.

    Here is what I have for sale:
    1 x B. Smithi (unsexed) - 6cm @ R500
    1 x B. Auratum (unsexed) - 7cm @ R600
    1 x B. Emilia (unsexed) - 6cm @ R600
    1 x B. Vagans (Female) - 8cm @ R600
    1 x G. Rosea (unsexed) - 3cm @ R200
    1 x N. Chromatus (Female) - 12cm @ R800
    1 x A. Brocklehursti (Unsexed) - 7cm @ R500
    1 x P. sp. Machala (Unsexed) - 9cm @ R1100

    I live in a land far far away, so shipping is the only option :-(

  • Master Bater replied to the topic 'Re: Scorpion help' in the forum.

    First decide on a species and then start looking for info.

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' ID for this True sipder?' in the forum.

    Can someone ID this spider?

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' What have I found?' in the forum.

    I found this worm wondering in a parking lot.
    Do any of you have a clue what worm it is?

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' Urticating hairs' in the forum.

    Last night one of my T. Apophysis molted. Idiotically I opened up the exuvium with my bare hands to sex it. Needless to say I now have a plethora of teeny tiny problems on the finger tips of both hands.

    How can I get them out? It itches like crazy! :(

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  • Master Bater created a new topic ' A death in the family' in the forum.

    Cricket 1 : P. Metalica 0 I dropped a cricket in the enclosure and the T seemed to stalk the cricket, so I left it there thinking the T would get it. Yesterday I went over all my Ts and saw that the metallica had molted, but was in the dead curl. So I took it out and so that it was missing a chunk of its body on the bottom by L1. Then is saw the darn cricket scurrying about the enclosure :igiveup: So whats the going rate for a 4th instar P. Metalica? I'd like to know what figure I should have in mind while stick red hot needles through the cricket's body. uzi

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  • Master Bater created a new topic ' tailless whip scorpion (damon variegatus)' in the forum.

    So its time for my yearly tailless whip scorpion feeler-wanted forum posts. Does anybody know where I can get some of these? I'll sell my testicles for some of these! :unsure:

  • Master Bater created a new topic ' Funny story... & Scorpion ID' in the forum.

    I was driving behind my parents saturday morning on the way to my gran's 80th birthday. We stopped a traffic light and suddenly see my mom clinging to the roof of the passenger side and what looked like my dad trying to get something out of her ass. I few second later my mom jumped out of the car and came running to my car. Just as the light turned green for us. She shouted: "Theres a scorpion in my car!" and ran to the side walk. We had to drive off so we don't block the traffic (we were in the main road). We pulled off and started searching the car, with no luck. When my mom finally caught up with us on foot, she refused to get in her car so she got into mine and we went off to the party. All the way there you could see my dad growing more anxious and fidgeting. When we got there I searched for it again, but couldn't find it. When we finally got home, I went to work dismantling my mom's BMW 120i in search of the culprit. Funny enough my mom did not object to me taking her car appart :P I took out the seat, the speaker cover under the seat. I then took out the speaker and its whole mounting and then all of the surrounding upholstery. When I reached the body work, I found the bugger. Before he found his way there, he was between the sun visor and the roof. When my mom flipped it down to do her make-up. He fell on her lap and panic ensued. So can anyone ID it? It looks alot like an Emperor, but does not have the shiny finish?

  • Master Bater created a new topic Downscaling the collectoin in the forum.

    Hi ladies and gents.

    I have the following for sale:
    2x Theraphosa Apophysis juvies (10cm+) R1200 - I suspect both are MALE
    1x B. Vagans FEMALE (10cm+) R250
    1x H. Incei UNSEXED (~2.5cm) R160
    1x G. Rosea (2cm) R160 - not sure of the CF

    I live quite a few hundred kms away from JHB so shipping is the only option. I included that in the prices.
    I'm selling the Theraposas because I suspect them to be males, maybe they can get a date sometime in the future.
    Please feel free to contact me for more info.
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Master Bater created a new topic Tarantupedia Desktop Application in the forum.

    So here is the App I'm working on.

    Thanks to this thread both me and Dimitri have gotten some fire again. This is a joint effort between Dimitri and myself I'll be doing the App itself and Dimitri the web\database side.

    Future updates will include:
    Species list will be read only and synced with the Tarantupedia
    User will be asked a username and password (Same as credentials as this site)
    User information will be uploaded to Tarantupedia so other users can get a accurate idea of how to keep a specific T

    This will all result in a very accurate care sheet of sort. So when someone is looking for a care sheet, they can come and look at the Tarantupedia and view actually data on feeding and mating instead of some watered down generic care sheet.

    The aim would be to attract more users from all over the world to out little corner of the web. The more users we have using this app, the better the resulting data will be.

    Suggestions are welcome. Also note that this is the first working version of the app, so expect bugs. Feel free to report it here and please include steps to reproduce if possible.


  • Master Bater created a new topic Inyanga in the forum.

    So I just picked up my package from Inyanga.
    A+ on all, packaging, friendliness, service, you name it. Great guy, great friend!
    I would highly recommend him to anyone!

  • Master Bater created a new topic RIP Clyde in the forum.

    Last night I discovered my Male Emperor Scorpion dead. He was almost 5 years old.

    Weird thing is that he died on top of a log. If he had been weak for some reason he would not have made it up there. Its like he died suddenly. Its a sad day for me, nearly had me in tears when I found him.I raised them (Bonnie & Clyde) from 3cm babies. They are now 15cm. They lived communally.

    So now bonnie is all alone. It feels like I need to get her a mate again... but I don't want to take his body out of the enclosure, it feels to final, reality still needs to sink in I guess.

  • Master Bater created a new topic Poisonous Spiders invade india in the forum.

    Guys, go read this article. Its scarey!

  • Master Bater created a new topic Awesome Tarantula Flash App in the forum.

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but its awesome!

    You can grab it by its leg with the mouse, spacebar drops it a snack!

    Have fun!

  • Master Bater created a new topic Overfeeding in the forum.

    I had a discussion with Inyanga and overfeeding came up.

    In the year or so I've spent on this site the topic has never come up, save for one instant where it was mentioned by Cerat I think? But it was only one post in random topic.

    So what constitutes as over feeding? A buddy of mine lost a B. Klaasi some time ago and the only abnormality I could see was a huge abdomen. Other than that, the enclosure was in excellent condition and the T looked healthy (Aside from being very obese).

    Sure I realize that whether or not you are overfeeding is dependent on certain factors, like size\age of the T, frequency of feeding and size of the meal. So if I feed a T a 1/2 cricket every second day, it would only be overfeeding if it is a sling or small juvie but not if its a subadult or older.

    Secondly, some keepers do powerfeed their slings which is frowned upon, I know. Where do you draw the line between powerfeeding and overfeeding? I'm sure one can justify powerfeeding if their was some other factor like a Ts health. Does the difference lie in how many consecutive instars you powerfeed?

    My feeding schedule is once a week. The meal size depends on the T size. Meals would be:
    <5cm legspan: 1/2 size cricket
    5>7cm legspan: 1.5cm dubia
    7>10 legspan: 2cm dubia
    >10cm legspan: adult dubia.
    This is a rough estimate, I thumbsuck based on how I usually feed.

    This is my brain fart for the day. I like to get everyone's opinion on this.

  • Master Bater created a new topic Identify Snake in the forum.

    Hi guys

    I was wondering if anyone could identify this snake. I've known them all my life. I use to play with them as a child. The are small, don't get any bigger than the one in the photos. They are subterranean and seem to be rather blind. In Afrikaans its known as the "sand slangetjie" or "ertslangetjie", but I can't find any info on them. I just want to known more about them. What do they eat? What species are there? What in regions do they occur? General stuff.

  • Master Bater created a new topic New online store? in the forum.

    I was just cruising around google, looking for places that sells D. Dubias. I want to bolster my numbers and widen the gene poll a bit and I came across this site.

    They seem pretty decent. They sell Ts, scorps, snakes and lizzards. They also have a rather large collection of cage accessories.

    Has anyone dealt with them yet?

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  • Master Bater created a new topic Hisser Roach colony help in the forum.

    So the subject says it all.

    I have a colony, but we all know they are climbers, especially the nymphs. So I want to know how you guys keep your colonies? How do you prevent them from escaping? I know you can do the 10km thick Vaseline barrier, but this is uneconomical and like we are all aware they eventually find a way through, around or over.

    I'm looking for a more permanent, once off solution.

    Currently, mine is kept in a tight sealing bucket, but this does not help the ventilation and needless to say, the colony isn't doing to well.

    Any and all feedback is welcome.

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