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  • Spoq created a new topic ' Back in the hobby with this gooty beauty.' in the forum.

    Probably be the only one I now own but finally I have it :P

    [File Attachment: DSC_0174.jpg]

  • Spoq created a new topic ' B.smithi and L.klugi juvis unsexed for Sale.' in the forum.

    Hey kids... been awhile.

    I have the spiders mentioned in the subject for sale going for R400 each. I would say the smithi is around 7-8cm in leg span and the klugi around 10cm or so. Bot unsexed but look female if I may be as bold to say.

    My last to spiders that need to go to a good home.
    So if you are interested let me know via PM.


  • Spoq created a new topic ' m.balfouri for sale' in the forum.

    For sale. Unsexed R1300

  • Spoq created a new topic ' For Sale' in the forum.

    Mmmmm for some reason I can't find my old post. Anyway. M.balfouri still here up for grabs. Around 8cm in size unsexed now reduced to R1600 L.klugi unsexed looks female around 10cm R600. For pick up only in Randburg area. PM me if interested Thanks. :reallysick: btw these new icons are the biz

  • Spoq created a new topic ' FOR SALE. Yeleley!!' in the forum.

    Hey guys, I have the following for sale. Monocentropus balfouri Pelinobius muticus Poecilotheria subfusca Lasiodora klugi Inbox me for details. Also only for Pickup.

  • Spoq created a new topic Some for sale. in the forum.

    Hi Guys,

    Been a while.

    I have gotten a few T's recently from a friend that I don't have capacity for anymore nor the time for such a big collection.
    In the next few week's I'll prob update this thread with more spiders.

    P.striata +-12cm unsexed (given as female) R800
    P.oranta +- 12cm unsexed (given as female) R800

    M.balfouri +- 8cm unsexed R2800 (personal collection)

    and a few more to follow as soon as I see what everything is.

    These spiders are ONLY for collection in the Randburg area. We can organize a pickup point.

  • Spoq

    Guys a friend of mine has his commercial pilot's license and a can pilot dual engine plains. He is looking for a job so if any 1 knows who he can contact in this regard (maybe some1 you know) please inbox me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Spoq Oh and Dave please inbox this account... got it going again.
    6 years ago
  • Spoq

    what crackelacks?

  • Spoq

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