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  • Dimitri Kambas

    Dimitri Kambas

    Operation: Rediscovering Pterinochilus lugardi... Coming soon !!
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    If u can't beat them SLASH them!
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  • Fuzzy Bear

    Fuzzy Bear

    I'm with stupid...
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  • Hendrik Steenberg

    Hendrik Steenberg

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  • Friedrich


    Any pet shops in Empangeni selling crickets/roaches?
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  • Cobus Du Plooy

    Cobus Du Plooy

    Husband buys his son an iPAD, daughter an iPOD, himself an iPHONE & his wife an iRON.

    She wasn't impressed even after he explained it can be integrated with the iWASH, iCOOK & iCLEAN network.

    This triggered the iNAG service, which totally wiped out the iSHAG function!!
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  • Hannes Olivier

    Hannes Olivier

    Today's peacocks, tomorrow's feather dusters...
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  • That Cossor guy

    That Cossor guy

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  • Robert


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  • Seven


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  • Schön Venter

    Schön Venter

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  • Coenard Biel

    Coenard Biel

    I want te get myself a Cobalt blue
    is this an easy keaper
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  • Jake


    Stop being afraid of what could go wrong & start being positive about what could go right.
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  • Riekert Visser

    Riekert Visser

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  • Ilbehr Theron

    Ilbehr Theron

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  • Yushaa


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  • Leonard


    Deciding if I want to leave the hobby? The hobby is worth it all, but third parties makes it hard, giving so much and receiving nothing makes one wonder? Trust? Ask yourself can any person f-ing trust you at all? The masks are pretty, just one pity "I've studied kinesics, I know; but do the rest know?" If I leave I will show everyone who is behind each mask. The fuse is lit. Start to pray!
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  • Phillip


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  • Louis


    got pic of Chillian Roses's abdomen will post just now
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