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SpiderMAP VM

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10 years 5 months ago #71470 by Jake
SpiderMAP VM was created by Jake
i think this is pretty awesome!!
I heard about the Virtual Museum the other day and did not pay much attention to it.
But look at the awesome section that has been attached. :spider:
All about baboon spiders.

Atlas of African Baboon Spiders

Some back ground information about The Virtual Museum (VM) provides the platform for citizen scientists to contribute to biodiversity projects. This innovative concept was developed by the Animal Demography Unit. For many people, a “museum” is a place to see stuffed animals on display. But the ADU’s Virtual Museum is not like this. The scientific part of a museum contains collections of specimens, frequently large numbers of specimens of the same species from different parts of the range, all carefully preserved and labelled with the date and place where they were collected. The ADU’s Virtual Museum is like this, except that instead of specimens in draws or bottles, we have digital photographs arranged in a database.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit digital photographs for the Virtual Museums listed below, along with certain basic information. Species identifications can be made by the observers, and are confirmed by a panel of experts. Distribution maps for each species are available online and serve as conservation and education tools. These maps include Virtual Museum records and sometimes also other distributional records which are contained within the ADU’s databases.

Virtual Museum records help expand the distribution databases for these taxa; they not only confirm the presence of a species at a particular point in time, but they also provide new distribution records for species and sometimes lead to extensions of the known range of a species.

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10 years 5 months ago #71509 by Dimitri Kambas
Replied by Dimitri Kambas on topic Re:Re: SpiderMAP VM
We will have a website available soon as well www.baboonspideratlas.co.za you will be able to email your spot to spots@baboonspideratlas.co.za and it will be added to the museum . Exciting stuff happening.

Will let you know when the website is up.
More updates soon.

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