Two Losses in 3 weeks :(

4 years 9 months ago #64237 by Jake
This is where I tend to disagree.

Yes it is hotter and more humid in other countries but tarantulas don't natural occur in glass boxes or plastic container with bear minimal ventilation sitting on one's shelve in the middle of the house taking the full brunt of the weather.

The spiders in the wild have the ability to head under ground or move away from the extreme temps.
Our tarantulas are stuck in a box that actually traps the heat and humidity inside, glass takes on the surrounding temps as well, there is a name for it just can't think of it know .

On saying that, the larger spiders seem to handle the heat and the humidity fine, it is the smaller spider that don't seem to do to well and then it is only curtain species.

Also it is water, spiders can go with out food for years but with out water is a death sentence, just like humans, if some is dehydrated and you get exposed to extreame temps you will die.

When it gets hot like this, I tend to flood all my enclosure.

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4 years 9 months ago #64250 by Konrad
Thanks Cascade. I didn't think it through in as much detail as you explained here. But it makes sense. I was just puzzled that both deaths are species from a rather similar habitat and the climate data I found suggested the same. hence the idea popped in my head that they cannot handle such extreme temps.

I will as a precautionary measure try flooding their enclosures when temps are very high and see how it goes.

If your Ts are dehydrated would you be able to tell by some easy to identify key behavours or physical appearances?

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4 years 9 months ago #64598 by Jake
I thought I had replied to the topic?! noob

When the spiders becomes dehydrated it will become sluggish in movement and as it gets worse it will start to become weak and not be able to walk properly and the legs will slow start to curl under it's body and then it will eventually die.

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