To Noobs who want to breed T's!!!

6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago #64981 by Danny
Please forgive the following rant and just take it as the caution it is meant to serve as.

To ALL [Maverick] noobs!

How long have you been in this hobby? And you already want to breed P.metallica? It must be because you love them so much and it has nothing to do with selling them for loads of money...right? Sounds like a weird sentence, but that's because almost every know-nothing that phones me wants to breed P.metallica's!!! :igiveup:

What follows is exactly the trend that's hurting the hobby right now. uzi

[Maverick] Noobs pitch up on the scene with loads of cash to splash on rare/expensive species and want to mate all of them because they see $$$ in their eyes. I got called this whole week by newbies to the hobby looking for rare T's... and not for slings... I was asked for a breeding pair of "gooty's". A breeding pair of P.metallica for goodness sake!! They didn't even know their Scientific names! Oh, and for T.blondi and X.immanis like they are as common as B.albopilosum. AND ON TOP OF IT - they give me attitude when I say they are not for sale?

These are the same people that get bored and sell or give away their T's because they didn't like them to begin with, they just saw the money making potential, and when the novelty had worn off, they realized that they don't even like the spiders they have. :sick:

I know you guys are enjoying this hobby big time right now, you love all these new and fantastic creatures and you are very excited, but honestly, you need to spend some time getting to know Tarantulas before you just dive in to breeding projects. There are tons of things you will learn by just observing them for hours at a time, and what you will learn differs immensely from species to species. All this learning will tip you off on the health, general condition, mood, quirks etc., of your spiders and will all work to your advantage when you start breeding down the line.

Of course, you are free to do what you please, everyone and anyone has the right to breed spiders all day if they like - maybe I'm just full of shit, but for the first time in 4 years I am seeing first hand how this hobby is so saturated by over-breeding that supply has far outrun demand - leaving some of the most fun and beautiful species in the hobby, unwanted - let alone dropping in price.

Like Bearded dragons, they were the flavor of the month, now you can get them for free on Junkmail, tank and all. bored

Now I'm starting to understand why the veterans of this hobby and forum slowly slip away and keep to their own social groups, they continue to breed and share only amongst themselves to avoid this Tarantula-rush that will turn all their spiders to worthless.

I'm a very small time breeder, and even I am feeling how the hobby has dipped over the last 6 months.

Apologies but this has to be said. Again and again it seems.

THIS HOBBY IS NOT THERE FOR EVERYONE TO JUST TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK!!! As you will all notice, the bucks are getting rather short in supply...

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6 years 11 months ago #64982 by Wayne Howroyd
:rock :rock :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Well said sir!!

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. - Albert Einstein
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6 years 11 months ago #64983 by Martin Oosthuysen
New to the hobby,and will say how I have found it to be so far. I have two of the dullest spiders around,l.klugi and a salmon pink lasiodora parahybana excuse the spelling. I must say this,I am so enjoying them. Just added a chaco golden knee as well,she(well hope it's a she) is so much fun and a softee. I want to gain experience in different types of spiders,like the lasiodoras,who in my opinion have attitude,and obviously the chaco in my opinion a gentle type. I won't be looking at breeding at all,or not in the near future. Got my LP at 8cm,and my l.klugi at a whopping 2cm(huge right ?) Hope to add others as well,and surely a lot to learn.
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6 years 11 months ago #64984 by Pierre Steyn
I get what you are Saying HS. I had to save my ass off to purchase all the goodies for my aboreal's Kitting their enclosures out and having fun while watching them grow.

I would not say the money is the issue... Id say the way that some of these folk care for their new "cash cow" is the issue. Plus the fact that when these noobs don't get their stock sold they aptly rename the t's and try to pass them off as something else... this is what gets to me. These are still animals and deserve care and attention.

They are spoiling the hobby period.,...
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6 years 11 months ago #64999 by RAMEEZ
i know what u mean HS
i started( small )with a curly and then became more interesid and got lots of T's then i eventully wanted a breeding then i bought 20 H.INCIE'S and grew them.i mated them 2 days before christmas and BAAAAMMMM!!!! MY FIRST EGG SAC

but she ate it so now im gonna breed it again .so i learnt a few things (yea i know its crap when u lose a egg sac )but loosing a METALLICA SAC!!!!!!or even a chaco thats alot off slings going to what i think they should do is start a communal and see the out come



0.0.1 B.VAGANS
1.0.2 H.INCIE
0.0.1 B.EMELIA

0.0.2 U. triangulifer

I WANT MORE !!!!!!!

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6 years 11 months ago #65010 by Renier
I dont get why a n00b would want to breed with rare or expensive T's.

This is why I would not want to breed expensive T's soon...
  • The market is not that big and you dont have that many people willing to spend thousands on a sling (or am I wrong? :S ).
  • Spending all that cash on a "breeding pair" feels fairly risky. The male might very well be on his way out and the female might just decide to go Daisy de Melker on his ass... :evilgrin:
  • Breeding T's seems a lot more complex than when one might think, looking at stuff like raising the temps, flooding the tank, sac getting chowed and pulling the sac it seems easy to mess up
  • Buying mature T's feels like a bit of a waste to me . You need to grow with your T's if you want to be able to care for them properly IMHO
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