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  • Curtis replied to the topic 'What MM are available for sale or breeding loan?' in the forum.

    MM A.versicolor for 50/50 loan made 2nd sperm web yesterday.
    PM, sms or email me :rock

  • Curtis replied to the topic 'HELP!!!!! my A. Geniculata need serious help.' in the forum.

    This happened to my MF L.violaceopes a while back there is even a thread on it here somewhere too.
    It seems to me that it happens before a moult sometimes when the T may try go through a tight space and tear a piece of their abdomen exoskeleton off. Does it look wet too you?

    It is definitely not normal but my lovely girl moulted out perfectly a week or 2 later so I wouldnt be too concerned ;)

  • Curtis replied to the topic 'Psalmopoeus langenbucheri (Venuzuelan Suntiger, chevron)' in the forum.

    Definitely, a P.irminia mate and not P.langecucheri sorry to say...

  • Curtis replied to the topic 'please someone help' in the forum.

    Definitly not a G.pulchra, does look a bit Laisiodora tho

  • Curtis thanks user 'julien' in the forum message ' Ceratogyurs meridionalis'.
  • Curtis thanks user 'entomology' in the forum message ' Entomology's outdoor office :-)'.
  • Curtis replied to the topic 'Heteroscodra maculata (Ornamental Baboon) Molt?' in the forum.

    Hendrijs wrote:

    Hi whitestar7,
    Are you sure this spider is a Heteroscodra maculata, it looks like a Stromatopelma calceatum to me. Heteroscodra maculata is more white colour where Stromatopelma calceatum is the more brown/khaki color.

    I agree 100%

  • Curtis replied to the topic 'A.avic sling or A. minatrix?' in the forum.

    Sorry to hear mate, what did you pay? If you dont mind me asking? shocked

  • Curtis created a new topic ' Stromatopelma calceatum (Featherleg Baboon) R60ea' in the forum.

    Hey all I have some beautiful Featherleg Baboon slings about 1.5-2cm @R60ea! I managed to get a sac at the end of last year :) Hes some pics

    [File Attachment: Roodepoort-20121120-01116.jpg]

    [File Attachment: Roodepoort-20121120-01117.jpg]

    [File Attachment: Roodepoort-20121121-01125.jpg]

    Contact me via pm, email, whatapp, bbm etc etc
    Bulk deals will be discounted.

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  • Curtis created a new topic ' How many sac last year?' in the forum.

    Hi all! I wish everyone a great new year
    This thread is more focused towards the breeders of the forum, I want to know just out of curiosity, how many sac +- have been produced by the members of the forum last year. So theses are my egg sacs I managed to get this year:

    Tarantulas bred : Egg sac status
    2 X P.irminia: both perfect.
    1 X P.ornata: Perfect.
    1 X P.fasciata: Infertile sac.
    1 X S.calceatum: Perfect.
    1 X B.klaasi: Female ate the sac on day of the pulling. :igiveup:
    1 X B.vagans: Perfect.
    1 X A.avicularia: sac was infertile.
    1 X T.cupreus: Perfect.
    1 X N.chromatus: Perfect

  • Curtis created a new topic ' Spider Sale!' in the forum.

    Hapolopus formosus (Pumpkin Patch Tarantula) 3rd instar @ R150ea take last 6 @ R120ea

    B.vagans (Mexican Red Rump) 2nd instar slings @ R15.00ea, take 10 @ R12.00ea and take 20+ @ R10.00ea.

    G.Rosea (Chilean Rose) 2cm @ R60ea, take 10 @ R40ea

    N.chromatus (Brazilian Red and White Birdeater) 2nd instar slings @ R25.00ea, take 10 @ R20.00ea, take 20 @ R15.00ea and take 50 for R10.00ea

    P.Irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger) 2cm @ R80ea, take 10 @ R60ea and 20 @ R50ea

    2 X A.brocklehursti males 10cm @ R150ea, take both for R400.

    Contact me for bulk prices.
    Will also consider swaps for Ball Pythons, Leopard Geckos or other tarantulas. other trades welcome. :deal

    BBM pin:27A74A57 or whatsapp 082 672 4548 or PM me

  • Curtis

    Sometimes I wish I was a Samurai

  • Curtis

    Black Ops 2!!!

  • Curtis

    Tired of arguing with morons.

  • Curtis

    I need a MM L.violaceopes!

  • Curtis

    MM P.regalis wanted to BUY!!!

  • Curtis created a new topic ' Pamphobeteus vespertinus (Ecuadorian Red Bloom)' in the forum.

    This is currently the most prized T in my collection :woohoo: [attachment] [attachment] [attachment]

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  • Curtis

    I need a juvi P.formosa female pleeeease anyone?

  • Curtis

    P.irminia slings for sale @ R90ea, take 10 for R800.00, 20 for R1500

  • Curtis created a new topic ' P.irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger) sling sale' in the forum.

    P.irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger) slings for sale @ R100ea Take 10 for R850.00, 20 for R1600.00 Willing to swap for other slings or Ts

  • Curtis

    STILL looking for a B.auratum Mature male I will LOVE you forever!

    Rozanne If you find one, I kinda need it as well. =)
    7 years ago
  • Curtis created a new topic P.irminia slings in the forum.

    P.irminia slings for sale @ R120.00ea 2cm
    call, pm whatever


  • Curtis

    Guys please help, I am urgently looking for a MM B.auratum and a MM L.violaceopes to buy or loan

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