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  • Danny created a new topic ' M.balfouri & P.metallica' in the forum.

    Hi there,

    last slings for sale.

    8 x P.metallica (Gooty Ornamental) Slings 3cm R300 each
    4 x M.balfouri (Socotra Blue Baboon) Slings 3cm R300 each

    Collection in Centurion after 6pm

    082 6655 069

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Goodbye Hobby, For now...' in the forum.

    All sold. Thanks for the interest.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Goodbye Hobby, For now...' in the forum.


    Really need to sell, prices reduced.

  • Danny created a new topic ' Goodbye Hobby, For now...' in the forum.

    Hey everyone, as you've noticed I really don't get time to be on here much anymore or to look after my T's the way I'd like to, so I'm going to say goodbye for a while and sell what I have. If things change, I'll be back... again.

    Here's what I have, buy individually or R10k for everything
    Enclosures included.

    4 x P.metallica 12cm, unsexed @ R1000.00 each
    3 x P.metallica 2.5cm, unsexed @ R500.00 each
    8 x M.balfouri 2.5cm, unsexed @ R250.00 each
    1 x B.smithi 8cm, unsexed (suspected female) R250.00
    1 x C.Cyaneopubescens Adult Female, R800.00
    1 x C.Cyaneopubescens Juvenile, 8cm unsexed but looks female at this point R250.00
    1 x Cyriopagopus sp. Sulawesi, 8cm unsexed R500.00
    1 x P.miranda young adult female, 14cm, R500.00 (With Perspex Enclosure)
    BARGAIN - 1 x H.maculata Adult Female (HAS A SAC full of live 1st instar slings) R750.00

    Take the whole lot for R10,000.00 and I'll throw in:

    All spare enclosures and containers I have (+- 6 or so small enclosures, 1 x large Perspex arboreal enclosure and a few other tubs etc.)
    A 500 strong colony of B.dubia roaches
    All pieces of wood, bark, plastic plants, water dishes etc. etc.
    Tarantula Keepers Guide Book
    Basically I'll give you everything I have related to keeping my Tarantulas.

    Whatsapp 082 6655 069
    Collection Centurion
    Postage will cost R80 extra per package.

  • Danny created a new topic ' It's almost a give away...' in the forum.

    You need spiders, I need space.

    1 x P.regalis female, 15cm+
    1 x P.perdeseni female 12cm +
    3 x P.subfusca unsexed 9cm +/-
    1 x B.boehmei female 12cm +
    1 x P.irminia unsexed 6cm
    1 x L.parahybana, 15cm+
    All these for R1000.00

    2 x A.versicolor mature females 10cm+ R800 each or R1000 for both.
    3 x L.violaceopes 1x female 17.5cm + 1x Mature male + 1x L.violaceopes unsexed (suspected female) R1500.00
    3 x P.metallica slings R600.00 each
    4 x M.balfouri slings R300.00 each
    1 x H.maculata with egg sac R800.00

    Collection in centurion. Serious buyers only.
    Whatsapp 082 6655 069

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Re:Re: Blue Collection For Sale' in the forum.

    By popular request, I've been asked to sell items separately. So I have added prices for each and for sets.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Re:Re: Baboon Spider Atlas' in the forum.

    Tyranatula wrote:

    Would loooove to participate, but no baboons here in the North West. :(

    I have found Harpactirella overdijki up there.

  • Danny created a new topic ' Blue Collection For Sale' in the forum.

    Need to raise money for a big project I'm getting in to, so it's time for some critters to hit the catwalk! Including my collection of blue specimens.

    Took me ages to put this together.

    9 x M.balfouri slings (1cm ±)
    3 x A.versicolor Adult females (12cm±)
    4 x P.metallica slings (5cm ±) About to molt
    1 x C.cyaneopubescens Adult Female (14cm ±)
    1 x L.violaceopes Juvenile female (15cm ±)
    1 x L.violaceopes Juvenile unsexed (10cm±)
    1 x L.violaceopes Juvenile unsexed (6cm ±)

    ++ PLUS ++

    1 x Cyriopagopus schioedtei juvenile (9cm±)

    1 x Cyriopagopus SP. Sulawesi Black sling unsexed

    1 x H.maculata Adult female (Mated)

    3 x P.subfusca 4cm unsexed

    For sale as a collection only: R18,000.00 Neg

    Free with above purchase

    1 x L.parahybana 15cm Juvenile Female
    1 x B.boehmei 10cm Juvenile Female
    1 x P.pederseni 8cm unsexed
    1 x B.smithi 7cm unsexed
    1 x P.irminia sling unsexed
    1 x C.cyaneopubescens sling unsexed
    1 x P.regalis juvenlie Female (15cm±)
    1 x P.miranda juvenile Female (12cm±)

    You will also get 2 x Colonies of B.dubia roaches


    I will not respond to PM's
    I will not respond to SMS's


    Whatsapp 082 6655 069 or Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Danny replied to the topic 'Ray' in the forum.

    Stan, we love you too much buddy! You could crap all over the chess board and we'd totally let you prance around like a victorious tweet.

    lol ^_^

  • Danny thanks user 'phran' in the forum message ' Ray'.
  • Danny replied to the topic 'Ray' in the forum.

    Thank you Taki, really I believe we've made the right decision here as this guy simply cannot behave like an adult.

    Personally, and this is not stirring or a personal attack on him - but I don't believe that he's a qualified nature conservationist at all, some of the posts and claims he makes don't make sense either. I honestly believe he has some kind of disorder like bipolar syndrome or even schizophrenia, his behavior goes up and down like a yoyo - and doesn't think twice about the things he says. I could be wrong but the signs are there.

    Our forum members do not need to be exposed to his type of verbal abuse, nor his malign nature. As a moderator I've actually stood back and let him get away with a lot, simply because others stood up for him, like Amore, and I believed that there was good in him and that he had a lot to contribute.

    I was wrong, and I apologize to our members for not taking more action sooner.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Oligoxystre diamantinensis - Anybody know of this species???' in the forum.

    Are these available at the moment?

  • Danny thanks user 'sk27' in the forum message ' Oligoxystre diamantinensis - Anybody know of this species???'.
  • Danny thanks user 'Taki' in the forum message ' Entomology's youtube vids'.
  • Danny replied to the topic 'Re:Entomology's youtube vids' in the forum.

    I don't give a hoot anymore Jake/Taki, I'll happily remove this pathetic slander. This is ridiculous man!

    Please just ban this guy for good and lets get back to a normal peaceful forum. It's quiet enough these days without users like this chasing our members away.

    We don't need all this crappy behavior and we certainly do NOT need Entomology on our forum. He can take his pretty blue spiders and go play somewhere else!

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Re:entomology's picture thread' in the forum.

    I agree also. Others may have a problem with it and that's completely acceptable, but Entomology can honestly do whatever he wants with his T's, but agree of course that the rudimentary caution to any keepers out there who might want to give it a try is important. Some other less experienced Tiger Whisperer might not be so lucky. (That was just a light joke, ok.)

    But mostly, I agree with the what Taki says about behavior, there is no need for sarcasm, insults or snotty remarks from either side. If everyone could just try and get that right, we wouldn't have any of our threads go south and us Mods won't need to come in and start deleting it all. Take a deep breath, rid yourself of emotion or anger, and just engage the conversation and it's topic from an objective perspective. Surely we'd all prefer to read interesting info rather than annoying and boring arguments.

    Personally, I think all these pics rock. Yes, I think Ray is a nutcase for risking it, I know I never would, but he obviously feels comfortable enough with his T's and seems to have the experience with his particular specimens to do it. Good for him. If he happens to get bitten, hopefully we'll get a nice photographed bite report as well.

    Now, if he was placing one on a child's face or putting someone else at risk, that would be enough reason for people to get emotional...

    D - out.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'Entomology's youtube vids' in the forum.

    @Taki, thanks. As you can see, this is what I was explaining to you. We really don't need this.

    Thanks Entomology, that's exactly the response that was expected.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'N.Chromatus not really?' in the forum.

    Someone pulled a fast one on you for sure. That's not an N.chromatus at all. Looks like one of these vagans/albopilosum crosses that I saw a while back.

    Sorry about that mate, but I really don't know what that is.

  • Danny thanks user 'entomology' in the forum message ' Entomology's P metallica's picture thread (mating)'.
  • Danny thanks user 'entomology' in the forum message ' entomology success in P metallica sack from mech mom today POW!!!!!'.
  • Danny replied to the topic 'Re:Entomology's youtube vids' in the forum.

    The incessant ebb and flow of pointless arguments by the same instigators who only see it their way is becoming infinitely BORING!

    It's like giving two kids a bucket of mud and telling them both in secret that their mud has super powers more powerful than the other kid!

    One seriously has to read these posts in search of actual facts or information which is useful, which is normally in the first three posts, thereafter... it's just a mud slinging match.

    Gosh I miss the old crowd, at least they argued with bigger words... lol.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'entomology handling Poecilotheria metallica MF' in the forum.

    Poecilotheria have a very, VERY nasty bite, so to all readers, please heed the warnings - DO respect your Pokies and take extra care when working with them. Each individual Tarantula has a it's own character and behavior, and although some might not mind being handled, others may decide to sink their fangs in to you.

    Thanks for the pics, such a beautiful Tarantula.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'FORUM CLEANUP - RULES' in the forum.

    Thanks Taki - Long time coming.

  • Danny replied to the topic 'poecilotheria metallica' in the forum.

    entomology wrote:

    [MOD EDIT] - Post removed as inappropriate.

    Get it now? We can either have good solid discussions, or a bunch of stuff edited out.

    Entomology, you started a very interesting thread and Ceratogyrus has asked you some good legitimate questions which got derailed because you clearly have issues with him and he's clearly not afraid to question you.

    If you are going to make claims and statements, justify them. If you are going to ask people for their opinions as you did on the first page, then accept them whether they are good or bad.

    So, I'm unlocking the thread again, lets see if we can keep it civil, shall we?

  • Danny replied to the topic 'poecilotheria metallica' in the forum.

    Thanks Vanessa,

    when admins and moderators are told off by people that "know it all" we tend to want to not give a crap. But we're still around. Also, we don't sommer delete posts because this upsets certain individuals who like things to stay the way they are. This thread is actually pretty calm and doesn't need deleting or editing, people just need to get back to the topic.

    Like I said above, people sitting around a braai arguing - will NEVER talk to or treat each other the way they do on a forum. It's just weird that way.


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