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Kudu wrote:

Have to admit I don't remember ever seeing a post from you but welcome back none the less! The more the merrier they say!

Hey Kudu, I think I actually left just after you became a member on the forum. Ive been on the forum before that for over a year... and had more than a few posts... :P Maybe you just missed it. ;)

Thanks again everyone.

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Thanks for the welcome Pierre & Uncle Charlie. Good to be back. We will definitely do the nature trivia thing again and I hope to comment on a few things again.

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F1refly wrote:

... but then again, I have never invested money into it, nor did I have any money for most of the year to invest in it.

By the way...my wife blew my budget last month when we went on holiday when she bought some crystals and stones for the hobby.
I think we came back with over 120 stones and crystals. I will post some pics very soon. Her collection is standing at about 150 stones and crystals.

The Desert Rose is a very nice Mineral. My wife doesn't have one yet...sadly. Maybe I will be buying one when we go to Johannesburg next month.

Please if anyone knows of places that sells gemstones & crystals and know where we can find books on them(Even if its about healing crystals etc), let me know. We will be interested in it.

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No, I'm not one to judge or to hold anything against them. I have friends visiting me for coffee sometimes and we don't see eye-to-eye on alot of things.

If you guys knew me in the past you would know that I liked to keep myself neutral on most things.

I know very well who everyone was in the recent events, and I followed most topics...but that's that.

I will still talk to you guys, and respect you for who you are. I dont need to agree with your opinions, but I can choose how to react on it.

Great to see you and Cameron noticing that I'm back, and commenting.

Glad to be back.

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Hello everyone

Been a while since I have been on the forum. Did I miss anything?

I know I have been missing some politics, as well as some disgusting debates about religion etc...

If that was all I was missing then I'm glad... I HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT... One reason I wasn't very motivated to come back onto the forum. Best way to settle an argument, grab a bat, go to the persons house and beat the crap out of each other...done... because fighting or arguing over a forum is just useless.

What are you people going to do? CAPS LOCK each other to DEATH? SHIFT each other out of the forum? Come on!!!

That's the worst thing of ALL forums. Politics and Religion. I have a point and an opinion about both, but will never ever make jokes about it unless it's a joke about my own views.

But, overlooking all this, I missed being here.

We had some ups and downs with some people also in the Tarantula hobby, interfering in our lives, trying to cause problems in my home and family. That was sorted.

I scaled down a bit on my Ts collection and other things. Busy planning a new display unit for the Ts I have left and going to buy in the future.

My wife and I started a new hobby, and I really hope someone here are also in the same hobby. We started collecting crystals, stones and gems. Not for the whole spiritual healing part, but for the beauty and variety mother earth has to hold for us.

Glad to be back.

Blessings Bonzai :happy:

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Hey guys

After thinking long and hard I have decided I'm going to take a partial break. I will still be on the forum will read a lot, and ask some questions.

The reason I am going to do this is, I believe to be good at something you have to practice, do a lot of research and take some time. In the next few months I am going to do intense reading, research, tests etc with the Tarantulas. This forum will be one of my first sources of info, and then some other forums. I am going to ask a few members on here for some info regarding a lot of things, and I hope you will bear. I believe it will be all worth it in the end.

I am taking a break from selling and buying Tarantulas. The only time I will be buying a T will be when it is really something that is on my top 10 wanted list at a good price. I will be breeding, and get some suppliers to distribute my stock and slings, but I will be backstage of everything happening.

In this time I will also be finalizing the website I'm busy with.

I will have a thread that will only be used for my research etc. This reason, then I don't have to post several threads.

So, if you see the Bonzai gets very quiet, I am still here, my roots are still firmly placed in the T world, just catching some winds of knowledge for myself as well as others that's still beginners.

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Hey everyone

Will somebody be able to tell me what roach this is:

Hey guys

Here's what I did today. I created my P.cancerides - Haitian Brown setup.

I managed to take some photos in each step. Some photos a bit blurry, but it's just to show you what I did.

Photo's are in order of steps :

Get Enclosure

Choose Decor

Get something to carve out hide

Paint Decor

Hey guys

After doing some homework, I have obtained some plants, spagnum moss, logs ets. I created my very first final enclosure for an arboreal T.

I have finished it and rehoused my P.fasciata-Sri Lankan Ornamental Female into it.

Straight away she started to inspect everything. She checked out her tunnel etc.

Here's some pics.

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