Best combination ?

3 years 11 months ago #72788 by Deon
I would like to know what the best male/female combination is when growing your own feeders. I have been growing and feeding Dubia roaches from my own colony. I have been feeding off adult males, allowing the females to be able to breed. I am now wondering if there are less males, will the breeding rate be less? Should the combo be 1 male for every female or 1 male for every two or more females?

Does the same apply to crickets? I am trying to get our own huge black crickets to breed into a breeding colony, as these are just that much more food than the little brown petshop crickets, which are often sick and dying already when you buy them. My last batch of x-large crickets died off faster than I could feed them and one day, there were a whole lot of worms in their tub! I would rather try to breed my own healthy stock.

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