Newbies Breeding - Take Note

7 years 7 months ago #49322 by Huzaifah
Totally agree with you guys and girls ! Great thread ;)

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7 years 7 months ago #49332 by pieter
Replied by pieter on topic Newbies Breeding - Take Note
I like this thread and many true words have been spoken. I have been in the hobby for a couple of years. Breeding T's ... this will determine if you are in it for money or for the love of the hairy monster. I am happy to report that my P Regalis which i raised from a sling turned out to be a gorgeous female and a very carring mother whom produced 170 perfect little wonders. I bought there dad for 300 bucks in a shody looking plastic jar a year or so ago more out of frustration seeing the oke all cramped up in a space that rendered his long legs useless.When the time was right I introduced him into the females cage where he lived with his new love for about four months before age got the better of him ( rest his soul in spider heaven ) The absolute amazement ( even to the joy of my wife ) was to see these two be apart from each other by no more than the touch of a leg. It was indeed a sad day when he died and yes I sulked for about a week seeing the female moving around looking for the male. Shortly after his death she closed herself of and 3 months later his memory lives on in his offspring, for me as he was a gentle dude. If you are in the hobby or contemplating the hobby for financial gain only..... move on, like Scarab said find the balance and yes if you find the balance and you make a buck or 2 at least the R1000 spend on crickets a month will be covered.

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7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #50182 by Ducheck
Replied by Ducheck on topic Newbies Breeding - Take Note
Have to agree with basically everything.
I have had T's for 8 years almost and started breeding 4 years back.
I as well thought that you buy a couple of each species, wait for them to mature and then mate them etc.
I admit when I make a mistake, and that was a giant mistake.
The male female ratio is not in your control, and even if you're lucky enough to get a male and female from the same batch.
It's still a mess. When the male mature, the female are immature. I'm sitting with 3 pairs like that @ the moment that I bought 3 years back.

Now Fires (B. Emelia), Poofy (P. Irminia) & Stripes (N. Chromatus) can't wait for their lady friends and you have to post them else where

Needless to say, one do learn over time.

So to those who want to buy T's to make a quick buck, it's possible if you're a vampire. Then quick could be decades. And species wise, umm let me think. Yes I know, about 857. Species that is.

Put that in your smoke and pipe it!!!
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7 years 7 months ago #50219 by Leon de Jager
Hi Guys
I have nowhere near half the experience of 95 % of the people here, but here is my 2 cents worth.
I have been in the hobby and maybe it is just me but even thinking about breeding gives me nightmares !!
Jeez, I'm still having sleepless nights cause my G. Pulchripes doesn't want to eat once a week!! Breeding ??? No Thanks !!

I think this is a great thread, and anyone who is new to the hobby and wants to breed should definately read this. I have read some of the breeding reports and threads and there are guys with years of experience who run into snags. What am I as a total noob going to do if some like that struggles ??

Leave breeding to those who know what they are doing and who are doing it for the right reasons, and concentrate on learning as much as you can and getting the little buggers to eat their dinner !!!

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7 years 7 months ago #50228 by Leonard
Wow. You already decided to give up. Wow. That is the right attitude.

Do you think they all started to breed rare Tarantulas from the get go? I have had two egg sacks. The first was infertile, and the second was a young female who's egg sack had loads of dead eggs making more than 3/4 of the eggs not viable only 7 of the eggs are now N1's. But what I am trying to say is to never give up. Trail and Error. Do the research. Subscribe to other forums Journals "the British Tarantula Society - journals" / ARACHNE -a German journal and read about all the articles they have in the journals. Breeding hiccups are just obstacles, which means that with time and trying again and again you will one day succeed. Conclusion being see this as a challenge.

Imagine your self writing your first breeding report and uploading the photo's :) Success ! Who cares what you breed first. I started with H.incei "infertile egg sack" and G.rosea (rcf) with my 7 N1's. I have learned my lesson and have done all my research now, and I will try again. I have 2 more gravid females :)

"Invasion of privacy" meet "freedom of speech"

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7 years 7 months ago #50234 by Shane
Replied by Shane on topic Newbies Breeding - Take Note
I am desperately trying to get a male for my B. auratum female. I think it will make a great first breeding attempt. Relatively easy to breed. Beautiful species, that can still fetch a reasonable price as slings. Win.

However, finding a male is proving difficult. I haven't even started, and I've already run into my first obstacle. Oh well. Keep on trucking.

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