X.immanis hope

7 years 3 months ago #60453 by Danny
X.immanis hope was created by Danny
There is HOPE!

I chucked my two EMO X.immanis together the other night expecting another bout of WWE Smackdown between the two, and about an hour later, just as I walk over to remove the male and close up for the night, I realise I can't see the male because he is just about "MERGED" with the female.

Looks like they have finally decided to make peace, and hopefully slings too. A good couple of inserts witnessed. I then waited a few days and gave it another shot, again Male waited patiently for the female to respond to his bobbing and then they had a breif encounter for inserts and then broke away.

VERY INTERESTING to me that this species uses a bobbing and tapping technique, where as he bobs his whole body up and down and then also compliments this with light tapping of his pedipalps. I haven't seen that yet with other species.

Now it's time to hold thumbs people, this Male moulted mature in December last year, he's realllllly late in his days so not sure if he's still capable of doing the deed. However, I kept him cold all winter and he hardly moved, hopefully this slowed his body down and will add a few more months to his life.

SO EXCITED!! :silly: :lol: :silly: :lol: :silly: :lol: :blink: :sick:

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7 years 3 months ago #60460 by Uncle Charlie
Replied by Uncle Charlie on topic X.immanis hope
This is such great news. The hobby in South Africa can do with more Xenesthis sp going around.

Will wait patiently for a breeding report.

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7 years 3 months ago #60542 by mandie
Replied by mandie on topic X.immanis hope
hope for something, we mated ours a while back, looks like she is going to molt out... hope not

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