Newbies Breeding - Take Note

5 years 7 months ago #49224 by Dave Dawson
Good thread HeteroScuderia. There are lots of newbies that spend most of there salaries buying bucket
loads of tarantulas, then after a year, they a "expert" in tarantulas and think they know better than everyone else.
The problem come when the idiot gets one or two breedings right they sell the offspring with the completey
different names, and some times hybridize the species(eg lasiodora, phormictopus). Me and a friend were dicussing last night
that species like grammostola rosea, lasiodora and a few brachys are going to become illegal to keep, because they are
easy to breed and some tools will eventually release them in the veld.

My Advice is mostly from my personal experience, but everyone is
allowed to give there own opinion.

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  • Karin
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5 years 7 months ago #49225 by Karin
Interesting post, and I fully agree. I have had more mature males than females, and people often say that I should find a girl T and breed the males. I have not done so (except the H Incei because the slings can live communally if not sold).

The main reason for not breeding my Ts is that I think the market can be flooded, and I would not know what to do with so many slings that cannot be sold, and also I know it requires a lot of time and care, and really, I prefer other people doing it. And the main reason - all my Ts are to special, and have names, and I would be devastated if any of my males becomes lunch for an agressive girl! :P

You can distinguish people who are in it for the money and people who are in it for the love of the hobby clearly. And I know who I will buy spiders from, and it is not the former.

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5 years 7 months ago #49227 by Curtis
Great Post HS, I fully agree with everything being said so far.
I do this as my biggest passion in life, I love my Ts and the pros and cons along with them
but if your sole purpose in this hobby is to make a "quick buck" you are sorely mistaken :laugh:
Breeding successively and actually geting results are 2 complete different things and with that an experience that doesn't grow over night is needed as well... I have been in the hobby for about 4+ years now and only started breeding my Ts last year and I can personally say that it is no easy task :dry:
I suppose theres nothing we can really do in the end but let them find out the hardway, even if successful, he/she will still be a twat and will hopefully get bored soon enough :)


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5 years 7 months ago #49261 by Shane

I kid...

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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #49283 by nicholas wade
I dont think that could have been said any better EXCELLENT post

LOL, keeping those to 2 spec together is like u say, stupid and a real idiot.

I also agree 110%, noobs like that can only do harm to the hobby like I heard some other guys say, they called (FLY BY NIGHTS )

Not good for our hobby
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5 years 7 months ago #49319 by Jake
I must agree fully.

But I think all hobbies are like this, people see the money they can make from something and wont to give it a go with out the relevant studies and research done, far to lazy to do the home work.

I only started to think about breeding 3 years into the hobby, after I had done, reading and research into it, even know I'm still learning as I go.

One thing that gets to me is every one is trying to breed "curly hairs" for experiences, which I don't think you get from this species, you just through them into the tank together and you get an egg sack.
I feel you should test yourself and gain experience on a spider that will put you to the test, this is the only way one can really learn and gain experaince!

But at the end of the day, there is plenty place in the sun for all members, whether they do the proper home work or ask for help, or keep breeding spiders that flood the market 10 times over!

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