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5 years 11 months ago #44980 by Curtis
Wow that is hardcore cascade :S I would def not want to be tagged by my female, especially now after reading this :blink: Thanks for sharing mate

Im a little uncertain about rehousing her now :dry: Caution caution!


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5 years 11 months ago #44981 by nicholas wade
lol thanx for giving us all the info i will make sure to
remember that seeing as my females must be friends
with your female cause she is my most agro spider
and those fangs are out 24/7 but thanx again for the info

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5 years 11 months ago #45006 by Marius

At least she didn't tag you under your armpit hehe!

I'm not impossible. I'm being improbable.

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5 years 11 months ago #45008 by Jake
Curt if you need any help rehousing her, just give a shout. :lol: :P

If you feel uncertain about rehousing maybe get some one to help you or back you up, or leave the re-house till you happy.
but don't let this thread scare you.
What happened to me, I was being to cautious, I should of got her off the moment I had the chance, but I was worried about hurting her and getting bitten if I did it to fast, If you work smart I don't think you need to worry to much.

The best advise, work on the grass this is better for you and the spider, bath tub and bathroom is a small confined space. especially if there is more than one person in the bathroom.
Outside gives the spider space to move, also slows him down quit a bit and at first option to go hide he will choose hes new house with new hides, will make him feel saver!

You can even constructed, smart swap over, put new tank next to old one, making sure old tank is the same height the new one is, get spider to come up on the side that the new and old tank are together!
As soon as he goes over the top, he should go to the bottom and hide.

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5 years 11 months ago - 5 years 11 months ago #45009 by Jake
Marius, that is the same thing that went through my mind a swell, that is why I moved her on from there, I was going to go down on my side on the grass, but then I thought what happens if fall, or I do something with the my movement yo cause her to bite.

The fact is it closure to my heart, and not strongest part of ones body, soft juicy underside.

Nic, they wore most properly taken away from there mother to soon, so now they got some bad attitudes! :P
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5 years 11 months ago - 5 years 11 months ago #45010 by Jake
Added the update to the main thread as well.

So an update on the bite site.
It is now 0239, Friday 17/02/2012, 19hours since I got bitten, my hand has gone back half to normal, still a bit red around the bite site, the back of the thumb has some tenderness, the part between the index finger and the thumb and on my wrist.

Attachment Bitesite009.JPG not found

Attachment Bitesite008.JPG not found

I'm not able to stretch, or move my body in to big of movement, my whole body feels like it is wound up tight and just waiting for every muscle to expand, contracted and spasm at the same time.
I feel like I been doing some hectic work outs and did the Harry Smith mountain run, but the down hill part, I'm a bit worried that if I don't move and keep on moving. the spasms will be become closure together and allot easiar to happen, as the muscle are at the most relaxed point they can be during sleep.

There is some stiffness in my left arm, the arm of the bite site. Shoulder and elbow feels stiff.
Movement of the arm feels restricted and sluggish, my Bicep is on the verge of spasming, if I move it to fast or put mu arm on my head it starts contracting!

So the intervals for the spasms have become more frequent.

19:00 throbbing pain in left fore arm, with a bit of muscle twitch.
21:00 Back pain on the left hand side of my back, felt like a stiff muscle that was pulled.
21:15 Lats on right hand side of the body, started twitch for a couple of mins, then right hand calf muscle went into spasm.
22:47 Twitching of muscle in left hand side groin area on the thigh area
00:00 Fall asleep on couch watching TV then then Had 2 spasm right calve muscle.
01:49 3 times spams right calve muscle, 1 spasm in left calve muscle and 1 times lower back spasm.
02:30 hint of both my calve muscle wanting to spasm at the same time same with my lower back.
03:26 had hiccups for the past hour, they are so bad they making my right side lower back spasm.
03:34 Lower abdominal left hand side muscle.
04:17 Right thigh muscle has spasmed with with left foot and left sheen muscle.
04:20 left forearm has started to move involuntary, every know and then it moves/twitches to the left!
04:30 Went to bed again.
05:15 Got spasm in my right calve then 2mins after that left thigh muscle went cramped up.
05:28 Right shoulder started to twitch.
05:53 Spasm in neck muscle.

sitting in front of the computer seems to be the best place to sit, keeps the spams away apart from the dam hiccups and the acid reflux. and I have been hiccuping since 03:26, still am an has not gone away!
The spasms are so bad that it makes me shoot out of bed same goes for sitting on the couch!
2 hours15 mins to go for me to "wake up", and another whole day for it to hopefully work out of my system!
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